Reading for Understanding Two #47B

Thelma Thurstone The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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  1. Their once modest plan for a little home of their own had grown so elaborate that the Grey family now feared that they could not
  2. Your answer:
    find an architect.
    wait any longer.
    afford to build.
    live in it.

  3. In the United States, those who advertise by radio must exercise care to see that both the commercials and the entertainment they sponsor appeal to the listeners, for advertising on radio is not like putting up billboards. The passer-by cannot move the billboard, but the radio listener can
  4. Your answer:
    be persuaded to buy.
    turn the dial.
    listen patiently.
    express disapproval.

  5. We cannot walk with ease on all fours, for our stiff feet throw our knees against the earth, and our arms are too far forward to give adequate support. Our bodies are so built that we can best support ourselves
  6. Your answer:
    by working very hard.
    on our feet alone.
    with both hands and feet.
    only when we are young.

  7. He worked with his hat on. Every editor has to cope with a certain number of wound-up visitors, and gossip had it that Ralph wore his hat to give these long talkers the impression that he
  8. Your answer:
    was about to leave for an appointment.
    would accompany them to lunch.
    wanted to be courteous.
    had just come in from breakfast.

  9. When a family's annual income increases to a certain level, they are no longer satisfied with the mere necessities of life but want the necessities embroidered with extras. For instance, a family of this position would probably buy a new car rather than a
  10. Your answer:
    used car.
    swimming pool.
    new home.
    television set.

  11. When the old newspaper vendor goes home to lunch, she puts a saucer by her stand so that people who want newspapers can pay for them and, from the dish, take their
  12. Your answer:

  13. Sap is water containing a variety of plant foods in solution. The plant foods give life to the plant cells much as the human blood nourishes the cells of the body. In the spring, when there is usually a great deal of rainfall, the sap content of a tree increases so much that it seeps out on the bark. When this happens, we say the tree is
  14. Your answer:

  15. One way Native Americans used to tell their enemies that they were going to attack them was to send them a snakeskin full of arrows -- their weapons. Once a Native American tribe sent such a skin to the governor of a New England colony. The governor decided that he would return the threat and fight if necessary. He took the skin and
  16. Your answer:
    put corn in it before returning it.
    sent it back full of bullets.
    made a belt for bullets out of it.
    buried it.

  17. Kits are available for making model boats, aircraft, and cars. All the parts are supplied for making accurate copies of the
  18. Your answer:

  19. A person who is travelling by airplane from the United States to a foreign country is allowed a certain number of pounds of baggage without any extra charge. There is an extra charge when baggage exceeds the weight limits. One must pack very carefully to stay
  20. Your answer:
    above the weight limit.
    within the allowance.
    in first-class hotels.
    in the United States.

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