Reading for Understanding Two #47A

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  1. Many amateur drama groups produce benefit plays for the purpose of raising funds. They may be interested in the drama for its own sake, but their principal motive is
  2. Your answer:

  3. Dinosaurs have not existed for about sixty million years. Scientists have learned about them mainly through the study of dinosaur bones and footprints in the rocks and from the petrified eggs that have been found. From this study, scientists have been able to reconstruct dinosaur skeletons and have placed them in museums. But we
  4. Your answer:
    have never seen a live one.
    are still very much frightened by dinosaurs.
    believe dinosaurs are imaginary creatures.
    have lived longer than dinosaurs.

  5. Her desk top was perfectly bare. There seemed to be no clutter or disorder of any kind. One could not help wondering if she really
  6. Your answer:
    used her desk.
    was neat.
    lived there.
    owned that desk.

  7. Two of the old trees in our town park were cut down recently because they were nearly dead and were likely to fall in any strong wind. Everyone was sorry to see those trees go, but with the danger of their falling gone, we knew our park was
  8. Your answer:

  9. Although I have tried to do it frequently, my effort has been to no avail. For me, to do this well seems to be a most
  10. Your answer:
    foolish thing.
    necessary thing.
    interesting thing.
    difficult thing.

  11. Last year industry lost a great deal more from crime than from fire. Industrials who feel that fire insurance is a necessary protection cannot afford to overlook the possibility that they also need protection against
  12. Your answer:
    insurance agencies.

  13. In the fifteenth century, nearly everybody thought it was impossible to cross the tropics because of the supposedly unbearable heat. As Prince Henry of Portugal did not believe this, he sent out more and more ships until it was finally established that the
  14. Your answer:
    tropics were too hot.
    tropics had many mineral resources.
    tropics could be crossed.
    ocean was subject to great storms.

  15. We have deep-rooted fears of primitive origin with which our imaginations shape how we see the future. When these fears succeed in controlling us, we are suspicious of danger everywhere and expend our energy protecting ourselves against the future. Then only in the realm where action is familiar and routine do we feel
  16. Your answer:

  17. A baby raccoon in your kitchen will leave chaos in its wake. Its insatiable curiosity is manifest in its interest in every edible object in the pantry. It removes lids from jars and pails with great dexterity using its forepaws as hands. It investigates the contents of every nook and corner. After a raccoon has examined a room, you will find
  18. Your answer:
    that it is a good pet.
    everything in its place.
    that little has escaped its attention.
    only a few signs that it has been there.

  19. Planes can reach many places to which trains do not go. Vacationers can go to an isolated spot in Canada where there is excellent fishing if
  20. Your answer:
    their friends go along.
    they can find a guide.
    they travel by plane.
    they have a rod and reel.

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