Reading for Understanding Two #46C

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  1. The body produces heat, but much of this heat is lost from the surface of the skin. If your body is losing heat faster than it is producing it, you feel
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  3. Elephants use a combination of two motions to get grass to eat. While they tug at a tall clump of grass with the trunk, they swing one front foot back and forth so the sharp toenails on the foot
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    cut the grass.
    become sharper.
    ruin it.
    trample the grass.

  5. Frost is very harmful to vegetation because it causes the moisture within the plants to freeze and expand, thus breaking the delicate tissues. A killing frost is harmful to even the hardiest
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  7. Once at Bordeaux, a man said that he would send up a balloon, and many people gave money to aid in this enterprise. When the balloon failed to rise, the populace became so exasperated that they destroyed the man's house and threatened to kill him. It is a serious thing to draw the inhabitants of a great city and its environs from their affairs, and a disappointment
  8. Your answer:
    interests them.
    angers them.
    shocks them.
    amuses them.

  9. Model planes are sometimes powered by gasoline motors. Some are able to take off and land perfectly and to stay in the air for almost a half hour on about a thimbleful of gas. Balsa wood, a very light material, and tissue paper are the most commonly used structural materials for model planes. These little planes are very
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  11. Many people are concerned about the loss of city parks, which are being taken over to build schools, main thoroughfares, car parks, hospitals, and public restaurants. Some cities have found other ways of solving the problem, providing underground garages and tunnels beneath the parks for the cars. Citizens have to be concerned and alert, or they will lose their valuable
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  13. Polo is an interesting game that could be described as hockey on horses. While riding,the player swings a mallet and tries to drive a ball between goalposts. In order to play polo, a person needs good ponies, which cost several thousand dollars each. A player uses at least two ponies in each game and often more than two. The ponies have to be carefully trained , and they have to be well cared for all during the year. Only a few people play polo. We can see that one reason for this may be that the game
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    can be played only outdoors.
    requires athletic skill.
    can be played only by men.
    involves a great deal of expense.

  15. Small cars are more economical to drive than large ones, but families with many children do not find them
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  17. Mystery waits on the other side of every door. Any room, regardless of its familiarity, may contain
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  19. When the ice of the glaciers melted, it formed lakes in some places. In other places great piles of rock and soil were dropped to form
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