Reading for Understanding Two #46B

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  1. Most cities have limited space, but this fact does not seem to deter people from moving into them. There is more movement towards the cities than away from them. Consequently, cities become
  2. Your answer:
    trading centers.
    cultural centers.

  3. In the early days of the automobile, almost all cars were painted black. When red, green, blue, and yellow cars first appeared, many people did not like them. How times have changed! Now, it is unusual to see a
  4. Your answer:
    red van.
    foreign car.
    green car.
    black car.

  5. When the Mormons who settled in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake applied for statehood in 1849, they wanted the name of the area to be Deseret. Deseret is the Mormon word for honeybee, which the Mormons had taken as a symbol of the work they all had to do to make the desert productive. They were refused statehood, and the area was called the Territory of Utah until 1896, when Utah became the forty-fifth state of the United States. The state seal has a beehive on it, and the official motto of the state is "Industry." These are tributes to Utah's
  6. Your answer:
    principal occupation.
    early Mormon settlers.
    acceptance as a state.
    Ute Indians.

  7. The Latin poet Virgil was buried in a tomb on the coast of the Bay of Naples, at a place now under the sea. Virgil liked Naples so much that he asked to be
  8. Your answer:
    buried there.
    allowed to write its history.
    made an honorary citizen.
    one of its senators.

  9. A hurricane is a violent wind and rainstorm. The winds sometimes travel at speeds as great as two hundred kilometers an hour. Such winds rip up very large trees by the roots and tear up small buildings as if they were made of
  10. Your answer:

  11. The tiger's claws are curved and razor-sharp. They are attached to paws powerful enough to break the neck of an ox with one blow. The tiger's jaws are extremely strong and armed with very large teeth. The animal's great weight and the ease with which it springs on its enemy help greatly in its attack. But in spite of its powerful natural defensive and offensive weapons, the tiger has no defense against
  12. Your answer:
    other animals.
    large animals.

  13. When rain falls upon loose materials such as clay or sand, it washes away larger amounts of earth than when it falls upon hard rock formations. In areas where the bedrock formation is hard and the soil is firm and stony, the streams are generally clear. But in areas where the bedrock formation and soil are soft, the streams are usually
  14. Your answer:

  15. This small college town has thousands of visitors for Saturday football games. I never plan to go to town on those days because I can never find a parking place. I do my weekend shopping on
  16. Your answer:

  17. They do not need to travel far from home in order to hunt. Close to their home, game is
  18. Your answer:
    poor in quality.
    difficult to catch.
    always abundant.
    not easily found.

  19. Certain areas have acquired a bad reputation because some of the people living in them have little respect for the law and are always ready and willing to
  20. Your answer:
    violate it.
    revise it.
    enforce it.
    respect it.

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