Reading for Understanding Two #45C

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  1. The pollution of air by motorcars and industrial plants has become a serious problem in some cities, where the resulting smog is a menace to comfort and to health. Legal authorities in urban areas are able to control the pollution from factories more easily than the exhaust from the millions of cars. Ways of making the exhaust less harmful are being studied in scientific laboratories. Laws have been passed that require certain devices on cars in order to help eliminate
  2. Your answer:
    private cars.

  3. Overpopulation is a problem in many of the areas in which rice is produced. Since rice is the principal component of the diet of the people in these areas, not much of it is
  4. Your answer:
    of subsistence value.
    grown annually.
    left for export.
    marketed locally.

  5. I shall always remember with horror my first public address. My voice seemed to be but an insignificant chirp arising from the middle of a vast expanse of desert. To my dismay, each utterance, forced out through trembling lips, seemed to shrink and
  6. Your answer:
    die away.
    fling accusations.
    reverberate loudly.
    demand an answer.

  7. In the Italian city of Cremona, the famous violin makers of the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries produced fine instruments that are still in use. These violins are now so valuable that they can be purchased only by people who are
  8. Your answer:
    aspiring violinists.
    music lovers.
    able to pay a high price.
    able to play a violin.

  9. Not many people live where the weather is extremely cold most of the time. It is too hard for people to keep warm in such areas, and the short summers do not allow the growing of
  10. Your answer:
    much food.
    the glaciers.
    fur-bearing animals.

  11. A humane citizen whose yard is overrun with squirrels has a trap that catches but does not kill. She picks it up every morning, laden with squirrels, puts it in her car, drives five kilometers to her train, and in a little park behind the station, releases the animals with a silent prayer that they will
  12. Your answer:
    stay in their new environment.
    die of starvation.
    return to her estate soon.
    get run over by a train.

  13. Visitors to blarney Castle in Ireland go to a great deal of trouble to kiss the Blarney Stone. Attendants lower visitors, head down, so that they can kiss the stone. This performance is supposed to bestow the gift of eloquence. The story goes that the original owner of the castle saved it from attackers by the clever and flattering speeches he made to them. Now, we say that people who are too free with compliments have
  14. Your answer:
    kissed the Blarney stone.
    made fools of themselves.
    protected themselves from criticism.
    taken great pains in their speech.

  15. The old man dreaded to go to bed. Before falling asleep he would remember his childhood and the friends who were no longer living. Life had been good, but now he felt as lonely as if he were left alone in a large banquet hall
  16. Your answer:
    that once belonged to him.
    where a feast was being served.
    from which all the guests had gone.
    dining with his friends.

  17. Many painters are employed to paint this gigantic bridge. A painter who fell from it would probably be killed. There have been no fatal accidents of this kind since the bridge span was completed. One reason is that the painters employed here are all
  18. Your answer:
    specially trained.
    well paid.

  19. Since the earliest days of the United States, at least some of the male population had had the right to choose public officials, but not until 1920 were women given the right to
  20. Your answer:

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