Reading for Understanding Two #42C

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  1. Modern medicine is able to control or to cure many diseases that once were fatal. Hospitals used to be found only in large cities, but now hospital care is within the reach of most people in developed countries. As a result of such progress, the average human being in those areas
  2. Your answer:
    is never sick.
    carries insurance.
    lives longer.
    has free care.

  3. The Canada lynx uses its long whiskers as bait. It crouches on a log over a stream and flicks its whiskers on the surface of the water. When a trout rises to the surface after what it thinks are dancing insects, the lynx grabs it. The Canada lynx is a very
  4. Your answer:
    skillful angler.
    stupid animal.
    fierce animal.
    skillful swimmer.

  5. The land around the northwest shore of the Great Salt Lake in the United States is one of the flattest surfaces on earth and is therefore called the
  6. Your answer:

  7. Some people are happiest when they can spend all their spare time with their hobbies. If some hobbyless friend smugly asks them if a hobby can be of any real value, many thoughts quickly occur to the hobbyists about what makes their hobbies
  8. Your answer:

  9. Milk contains so many different kinds of nutrients that it is almost a complete diet within itself for young children. Although adults can live on it for weeks at a time, milk does not contain all elements essential to human diet, and even very young children develop better when they
  10. Your answer:
    have some food besides milk.
    eat only solid foods.
    are not allowed to have milk.
    are given only milk.

  11. Banding is a technique that has given much information about the habits and migration of birds. A small metal band, bearing a number and directions for returning the record, is placed around the leg of a bird, and the bird is then released. When large numbers of birds are banded in this way, some of them are caught again, sometimes in quite faraway places. This procedure enables scientists to study the migratory habits of birds. The metal bands are very light and
  12. Your answer:
    do not hinder the flight of birds.
    are valuable only as a hobby.
    are difficult to identify.
    do not return to their owners.

  13. Shortages of meat and dairy products are reported in the cities of a country at war, although conditions are not so bad for the
  14. Your answer:
    factory workers.

  15. We seem to be in a Second Industrial Revolution, the age of automatic control in which machines are no longer controlled by men and women but by
  16. Your answer:
    other machines.
    elaborate planning.
    trained enginers.
    climatic conditions.

  17. It was a warm day, but the sky overhead was gray, and massive clouds were piling up in the west. Summer was past, and it was time for
  18. Your answer:
    summer storms.
    autumn rains.
    winter snows.
    spring thaws.

  19. People came from hundreds of miles away to give blood to the child who had to have a serious
  20. Your answer:

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