Reading for Understanding Two #42B

Thelma Thurstone The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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  1. On their walls, some stores have signs that say, "The customer is always right." Clerks in these stores are expected never to
  2. Your answer:
    argue with customers.
    make many sales.
    fight among themselves.
    enjoy their work.

  3. Failure to fasten one's seat belt may be responsible for death in a car accident. Laws can force the installation of seat belts, but we have to educate people to
  4. Your answer:
    fasten them.
    take driving lessons.
    buy them.
    carry accident insurance.

  5. Chlorine in water may kill fish. Chlorine is often found in city water. If water that has cholorine in it is allowed to stand awhile, the chlorine will evaporate. Therefore, if you are using city water for an aquarium, it would be best to
  6. Your answer:
    boil the water to kill all the germs.
    let the water stand for some time before you use it.
    put some water softener in the aquarium.
    buy fish that have been raised in city water.

  7. A beehive has only one queen. Queen bees are autocrats, the absolute monarchs of their hives; they allow no other queens to compete with them. When a strange queen bee wanders into a hive that already has a queen, there is
  8. Your answer:
    no disturbance in the hive.
    room for her.
    a battle for power.
    a royal reception.

  9. In learning to swim, the first thing to be concerned about is getting used to being in water. You soon learn that keeping your balance in water is quite different from keeping your balance on land. When you lower your head in water, your feet will come up; similarly, when you lower your feet,
  10. Your answer:
    your head will come up.
    you will sink.
    you will float.
    your head will do down.

  11. After witnessing the total destruction of their home, they were glad that, at least, the building was
  12. Your answer:

  13. The tides are the rising and falling of the seas, or of waters connected with the seas. In most places the tides rise and fall twice each day. The time of the tides, as well as the amount of rise and fall, can be accurately predicted. Boats can approach some ports better at high tide than at low tide, so navigators make use of
  14. Your answer:
    all deepwater ports.
    the phases of the moon.
    the compass and sextant.
    tables of the tides.

  15. The Smiths had to build their own house, dig their own well, and hunt their own food. They were
  16. Your answer:

  17. The North American wild buffalo, a species more properly called the bison, used to be plentiful in the western part of the United States. It has been estimated that their number was about twenty million in 1850. Forty years later there were fewer than six hundred. Bison are now protected by game laws, and there are thousands of bison in the United States. We no longer fear that the species will be
  18. Your answer:

  19. Woodpeckers are climbing birds; they are equipped with sharp claws that enable them to
  20. Your answer:
    cling to trees.
    kill cats.
    fight other birds.
    scratch for insects.

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