Reading for Understanding Two #42A

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  1. Most public libraries have a limited number of copies of each book on their shelves. Public libraries require borrowers to return books within a certain time because there are
  2. Your answer:
    fewer libraries than books.
    more libraries than books.
    fewer copies of a book than librarians.
    more borrowers than copies of a book.

  3. In the United States today, many of the large highways are toll roads. They have cost so much to build that there is not enough tax money to pay for them. For this reason, the people who use them are
  4. Your answer:
    van drivers.
    careful drivers.
    taxicab drivers.
    charged a fee.

  5. Rice requires a great deal of water in order to grow. In most rice-growing regions, the rainfall does not provide sufficient moisture for the crop. The rice fields must be
  6. Your answer:

  7. The worth of a product is basically dependent upon the quality of the materials from which it is made. For tailors to make good clothes, they must start with
  8. Your answer:
    good cloth.
    correct fitting.
    conservative styling.
    artistic inspiration.

  9. In the early days of the United States, waterpowered grain mills were common. Some of these mills still stand and have been preserved because of their rustic beauty. Few of these historic mills are still
  10. Your answer:
    worth seeing.
    actually used.
    of any interest.
    of historic value.

  11. A place where rock is dug is called a quarry. In some quarries, the rock is blasted out. Holes in the rock are filled with powder which, when touched with fire, explodes and
  12. Your answer:
    destroys the quarry.
    forms blocks of marble.
    injures the workers.
    breaks up the rock.

  13. It is relatively simple in the summer to recognize the different types of trees by looking at their leaves; in winter, by observing dead leaves on the ground nearby, you can
  14. Your answer:
    climb the trees.
    find the trees.
    identify the trees.
    cut down the trees.

  15. Not many years ago, blood transfusions were made by transferring the blood of one person directly to the veins of another. Ways have been found to store blood so that it is always available for use; and only one person, the patient, is directly involved in the operation. In order to have the right type of blood immediately available, most hospitals now have
  16. Your answer:
    surgical nurses.
    special drugs.
    blood banks.

  17. Hydrogen, a very light gas, was once widely used in balloons; but, because it was flammable, many serious explosions resulted from its use. Because helium is a light and nonflammable gas, it has largely replaced hydrogen for use in
  18. Your answer:

  19. Artists are playing an important part in crime detection. A witness describes the criminal to an artist; the artist makes sketches and revises them until they satisfy the witness. Many large cities have artists attached to their police departments for this purpose. Difficult as it is to sketch people whom one has never seen, police departments have reported scores of arrests and convictions that were accomplished through the work of the
  20. Your answer:
    guilty parties.

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