Reading for Understanding Two #41B

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  1. When paper was first mass-produced, it was made from old rags. Soon the demand for paper became so great that there were not enough old rags to manufacture the needed paper supply. Then it was discovered that paper could be made from wood pulp. Again more and more paper was produced, resulting finally in a shortage of
  2. Your answer:
    paper mills.
    old rags.

  3. We can tell how fast the wind is blowing by noticing what things move with the breeze. If smoke goes straight up, the wind is blowing less than one kilometer per hour. If small branches move and paper is blown about, the wind is blowing twenty to thirty kilometers per hour. If umbrellas are hard to hold and large branches are moving, the wind is blowing
  4. Your answer:
    ten to twenty kilometers per hour.
    forty or more kilometers per hor.

  5. Sound travels in air at the rate of aobut 1190 kilometers per hour at sea level and at about 1060 kilometers per hour at an altitude of 13,000 meters. Modern planes that travel at speeds of 1200 kilometers per hour or more are called supersonic because they exceed the speed of
  6. Your answer:

  7. The poison ivy plant has white berries and three leaflets on each leaf. Poison sumac has white berries. The death angel, a mushroom, is mostly white and is also poisonous. In the woods, three and white can be
  8. Your answer:
    easily noticed.
    found everywhere.
    danger signals.
    seldom seen.

  9. Bananas can be raised quite cheaply, but they are produced a long way from their market. An elaborate team of train, ship, and van is required to bring them to the consumer. A large part of the price of a stalk of bananas can be attributed to the cost of
  10. Your answer:

  11. Studies show that the introduction of smoke into the respiratory system lowers the body's resistance to infection. People who live in areas where the air is congested with smoke have more
  12. Your answer:
    respiratory diseases.
    heart disease.

  13. The incubation of birds' eggs requires constant warmth. Nests must be built so that they retain
  14. Your answer:

  15. Both of these young singers come from gifted families. Perhaps that helps to explain their
  16. Your answer:
    good looks.
    great wealth.

  17. Life after death was envisioned by many primitive tribes as providing that which they had lacked during life on earth. For instance, the people of the Far North, who spent their lives trying to keep warm, thought of heaven as a land of
  18. Your answer:
    milk and honey.
    abundant game.
    endless snow.
    eternal summer.

  19. Today bells are cast, or made, in one piece, but long ago bells were made of several pieces of metal
  20. Your answer:
    fitted together.
    in one mold.
    for each part.
    for different uses.

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