Reading for Understanding Two #40C

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  1. A woman whose son was refused a driving permit wrote a thank-you card to an examiner in the motor vehicles department. She knew that her son was a
  2. Your answer:
    poor driver.
    poor boy.
    dependable person.
    good driver.

  3. The electrical industry uses more than half the total output of copper. Copper is a better conductor of electricity than any other metal except silver, but silver is too expensive to be practical. Copper is
  4. Your answer:
    an expensive metal.
    a non conductor.
    highly important.
    a metal that rusts.

  5. Two instruments that were once used for telling time were the water clock and the sundial. Some water clocks were bottles with holes in the bottom. When the bottles were filled with water, a person could tell how much time had passed by noting the amount of water that had dripped out. Sundials were disks with a pointer. The position of the shadow of the pointer on the disk indicated the time of day. These time tellers were imperfect, for the water might freeze in a water clock and the sundial could not be used
  6. Your answer:
    in the west.
    except by expert readers.
    in the afternoon.
    at night.

  7. The glass industry has developed new kinds of glass that have special properties. One is used for springs and is quite flexible. Another kind is so strong that a tube of it can be used to drive a nail into a block of wood. Neither of these two kinds of glass is
  8. Your answer:
    easily broken.

  9. If most of the story for a motion picture takes place outdoors, film companies, instead of building scenery on the studio lot, often move to a specific place where all of the outdoor scenes can be filmed
  10. Your answer:
    with the same actors.
    with a large cast.
    over and over.
    in their natural setting.

  11. One of the first methods used for heating a room was to build a fire in the middle of the floor. Since the floor was made of earth or rock, the fire
  12. Your answer:
    provided little heat.
    was easily started.
    did little harm.
    gave off little smoke.

  13. Conservation is not completed with the protection of birds and the provision of breeding places for them. If birds cannot obtain proper food, they will starve and disappear. Thus, we must also study their
  14. Your answer:
    eating habits.

  15. It is a good idea to remove decayed portions of a treee before the decay has time to spread. Leaves are small in the spring, but full-grown leaves of summer hide broken and rotting limbs in the treetops. The time to look for and remove these scars is
  16. Your answer:
    during a freeze.
    in the spring.
    in midsummer.
    at night.

  17. One of the best ways to get rid of rats is to cut off their food supply, for they are huge feeders and will not stay where food is
  18. Your answer:

  19. One of the longest railway tunnels in the world is almost twenty kilometers long. It is the Simplon Tunnel through the Alps between Italy and Switzerland. The road through the tunnel is much shorter than the road over the mountains. Building tunnels through rock is hard work and very costly. Although the work of building is dangerous and expensive, tunnels last for many years and save travellers precious
  20. Your answer:

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