Reading for Understanding Two # 39C

Thelma Thurstone

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  1. He was a husband who seldom opposed the decisions of his wife; to him, most plans that she made were
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  3. The termite, a kind of an insect that has been on the earth for millions of years, gnaws from the inside until nothing is left but the outside. Although a tree that has been infested by termites may appear to be perfectly whole, it is in reality
  4. Your answer:
    a hollow shell.

  5. The proportion of households owning television sets is rapidly approaching 100 percent. That means that everyone can watch the news, see educational series, and hear good music, except for a very few people who are too far from a
  6. Your answer:
    broadcasting station.
    big city.
    high mountain.
    TV set.

  7. Salt and pepper are nearly always added to soup as basic seasoning. But other seasonings -- for example, bay leaves, marjoram, and garlic -- also can be added to improve the
  8. Your answer:
    taste of the soup.
    amount of soup.
    taste of salt and papper.

  9. When the cones on fir trees have reached the right stage, the red squirrels cut these cones off the branches and store the seeds away as part of their winter food supply. This is food that they use in an emergency when other food is
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  11. The outer bark on a tree, called the cork layer, is waterproof. It protects the tree from drying winds, injury from animals, and
  12. Your answer:

  13. In order to read a book, you need only the interest to begin and the persistence to
  14. Your answer:

  15. Ever since early times, when all records and books were slowly written by hand, abbreviations have been used to
  16. Your answer:
    make the reading more interesting.
    show the author's originality.
    save time and space.
    elaborate the meaning.

  17. We show patriotism and respect for our country by knowing the rules for displaying and saluting the flag. If you are at a football game, for example, and the national anthem is played, you should face the source of the music. If the flag is displayed at the same time, you should face it. Throughout the playing of the anthem, everyone should stand at attention. There should be no cheering until the
  18. Your answer:
    introduction of players.
    start of the game.
    music stops.
    referee blows his whistle.

  19. The first day of a calendar year has been celebrated for a long time by people all over the world. But different calendars are used throughout the world, and New Year's Day is
  20. Your answer:
    not the same day everywhere.
    not really the first day of the year.
    really before Christmas.
    always January first.

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