Reading for Understanding Two #38B

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  1. After one-second ulraviolet ray treatment, hamburgers can be preserved for sixty days in the refrigerator. Sailors going on voyages of several weeks can have safe fresh meat even though the ship does not have a
  2. Your answer:
    ray tube.
    deep freeze.

  3. Skilled and honest employees who are irresponsible are likely to be fired. They simply cannot be depended upon to
  4. Your answer:
    finish the job.
    make many friends.
    have good ideas.
    tell the truth.

  5. Bananas originally came from southeastern Asia. But today many bananas are grown in the small countries of Central America, which are sometimes called
  6. Your answer:
    "little Americas."
    "banana republics."
    "fruit stores."
    "central republics."

  7. Test pilots fly new planes to see whether they are safe. They put planes through many tests, and their work
  8. Your answer:
    requires a great deal of time away from home.
    is their hobby.
    is seasonal.
    is extremely dangerous.

  9. Although stores that sell food do not need to persuade people that they must buy food, food stores do advertise in order to persuade people to buy from a particular store. This advertising usually stresses low prices and high quality. Advertising is profitable to food merchants because competition for customers is very high among the many food stores, and the advertising helps customers
  10. Your answer:
    sell groceries.
    choose a store.

  11. The Germans were the first nation to train dogs to guide blind people. Now there are several places for training guide dogs. The dogs are taught to obey verbal orders and other signals given to them through the special harness that they wear. The trainers of these dogs work with them for a long time, blinfolding themselves during the last weeks of the training period. After all this, blind persons must also spend about four weeks learning how to use the dogs that are to be their
  12. Your answer:

  13. The leaves of the coconut tree are used by some South Pacific peoples to make thatched roofs. These people also make strands from the husk of the coconut seed and weave them into mats. They use the white meat of the seed for food. The coconut tree is a
  14. Your answer:
    valuable plant.
    great delicacy.
    product of the seas.
    tall tree.

  15. In certain areas, water is so scarce that every effort is made to conserve it. For instance, at one oasis in the Sahara, the amount of water necessary for each date-palm tree has been carefully determined, and each tree is given
  16. Your answer:
    water every day.
    no water at all.
    exactly the amount required.
    more water than it requires.

  17. The local Association for the Handicapped offers assistance and services to physically handicapped children and adults. The association provides free wheelchairs, braces, and other equipment as well as medicine and transportation when patients are unable to
  18. Your answer:
    afford these things.
    go to school.
    be cured.
    need new services.

  19. Luther Burbank is known for his inventions with plants as Edison is known for his inventions with electricity. Burbank often developed a new fruit or vegetable from two already well-known plants and named it for the two plants. One of his fruits is the plumcot, which is something like an apricot. He also developed the pomato, a fruit that grows on a potato vine but is like a
  20. Your answer:

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