Reading for Understanding Two #38A

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  1. There was a time when people were able to provide themselves with their own food, clothing, and shelter. As time passed and people began to specialize, they gradually became more dependent upon one another for necessities until very few people could get along
  2. Your answer:
    with all of their friends.
    without an occasional loan.
    without machines.
    without the help of others.

  3. It is not safe to mend burned-out fuse plugs with metal slugs. Doing this may result in fire. A house should have a supply of extra fuse plugs so that a burned-out plug can be safely
  4. Your answer:

  5. Of the nine different kinds of birch trees, the yellow birch grows the tallest. Some birch trees reach a height of over thirty meters. This quality makes the yellow birch particularly useful to
  6. Your answer:
    the lumber industry.
    forest rangers.

  7. The Norse explorers settled in Iceland in A.D. 875. Eric the Red, father of Leif Ericson, arrived in Iceland about A.D. 975 and is sometimes referred to as a
  8. Your answer:
    discoverer of America.
    late-comer to Iceland.
    first settler in Iceland.
    deliverer of the law.

  9. Alcoholics are people who cannot control their drinking. Many children of alcoholics are angry, sad, and frightened. An organization called Alateen helps children of alcoholics learn how to live with their alcoholic parents and how to cope with their own
  10. Your answer:
    gaiety and delight.
    fears and anxiety.
    joy and peace.
    state of well-being.

  11. Erosion, or the wearing away of soil, is one of the big problems that some farmers must face. Erosion is greatest where there are no roots to hold the soil; also, it is greater on hills than on flat land. Where erosion is a problem, farmers often
  12. Your answer:
    ask the government for help.
    build mounds on the land.
    do not use the land.
    plant trees and grasses.

  13. Wherever possible, a pilot takes off and lands with the nose of the plane pointing into the wind. Airport runways face in all directions because the
  14. Your answer:
    plane traffic is heavy.
    planes are radar controlled.
    planes are of different sizes.
    wind direction varies.

  15. The Canary Islands, which belong to Spain, are a group of thirteen small islands in the Atlantic ocean. Many of the islanders tame canaries for a living. The islands do not get their name from the birds, but the birds
  16. Your answer:
    get their name from the islands.
    were found by the Spaniards.
    are in great demand as pets.
    are really canary yellow.

  17. The Constitution of the United States, which was adopted in 1789, has been amended fewer than thirty times. Although the Constitution has stood with little change for nearly two hundred years, the original authors knew that time would change and that even the Constitution would be
  18. Your answer:

  19. Belief that all people are brothers and sisters does not necessarily entail belief that all people are equal, for brothers and sisters are often very
  20. Your answer:

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