Reading for Understanding Two #37C

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  1. People have been carving beautiful figures and designs out of wood for thousands of years. We do not have any of the earliest examples of this ancient art because, over a period of time, even the hardest woods
  2. Your answer:
    rot away.
    last forever.
    can be carved.
    cannot be carved.

  3. How will the car of the future look? Perhaps the family car will in time have a watertight body and retractable wings. It would serve not only as a car but also as a boat and
  4. Your answer:

  5. The first balloons that successfully ascended several meters and stayed aloft for as long as twenty-five minutes were constructed on the principle that hot air rises. The balloons were filled with heated air. The balloons stayed aloft as long as the air inside them was
  6. Your answer:
    cooler than the air around them.
    cooler than the air below them.
    warmer than the air around them.
    the same as the air around them.

  7. Because they have been in similar situations, your parents can help you solve some of your problems. The next time your parents offer you some advice, see if you cannot profit from their greater
  8. Your answer:

  9. Faulty electric wiring is a frequent cause of fires in homes. A frayed cord should be
  10. Your answer:

  11. Cooking food for a long enough period of time will kill any disease germs that may be present. Therefore, one way of combatting possible uncleanliness of our food is to
  12. Your answer:
    throw it away.
    keep it under refrigeration.
    take it to a laboratory.
    cook it thoroughly.

  13. Dairy cattle provide milk from which we make cheese, butter, and many milk products. The skins of cattle are processed to provide leather. Beef cattle are raised to supply meat. Although seldom used now as beasts of burden, cattle are perhaps the most useful of all
  14. Your answer:
    wild animals.
    domestic animals.
    manufactured goods.
    farm products.

  15. Obviously, the book had been very well liked. It was in a battered condition as a result of its having had numerous
  16. Your answer:

  17. Schools that have installed loudspeakers in every classroom find that they need to have fewer large assemblies. Pupils can sit at their own desks and listen to programs and
  18. Your answer:

  19. Flat-roofed houses are very popular in some areas. They are not preferred, however, in climates where there is a heavy fall of snow. In such climates, a steeply slanting roof is commonly used because the snow will slide off the roof. Sometimes, it is necessary to shovel off a flat-top roof so that the roof will not collapse. In areas that have heavy snowfalls, one would expect to see many
  20. Your answer:
    church spires.
    white houses.
    flat roofs.
    steep roofs.

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