Reading for Understanding Two #37B

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  1. It was feared that the storm over the Atlantic Ocean would do great damage along the coast, but the storm changed direction and turned back to
  2. Your answer:

  3. We do not expect readers to study our magazine from beginning to end. We realize that no two of our readers have the same interests, and we have tried to include articles that cover a vast range of topics. It is our hope that this publication will be
  4. Your answer:
    of interest to specialits only.
    appearing in condensed form.
    of interest to many readers.
    read from cover to cover.

  5. The redheaded woodpecker, the flicker, and the ivory-billed woodpecker are among the more than 180 different kinds of woodpeckers in the world. Most of them live chiefly on insect eggs and on insects harmful to trees. Thus, woodpeckers help to save trees and are very welcome. But, the yellow-bellied sapsucker is one of the few woodpeckers that the world could very well do without. As its name suggests, it is very harmful to
  6. Your answer:

  7. If we did not learn from experience, we probably would continue to make
  8. Your answer:
    better choices.
    a new life.
    no mistakes.
    the same mistakes.

  9. For most children, imitating the work that adults do is a popular form of play. They play "school," give dinner parties, build houses, and sell groceries. This sort of play teaches as well as amuses, for by engaging in it children learn
  10. Your answer:
    that adults like to play.
    that parents like to work.
    how adults do their work.
    to avoid work.

  11. In the construction of their log houses, the early English settlers in North America used those building materials that they could obtain most easily. They made their homes
  12. Your answer:
    by the sea.
    near friendly Native Americans.
    in the forest.
    on the open plains.

  13. Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn were both good musicians, and they invented a game that they enjoyed very much. If Felix went anywhere, he was supposed to describe his visit to Fanny. When he arrived home, instead of telling her about it, he would sit down at the piano and describe what he had seen
  14. Your answer:
    by drawing pictures.
    by acting it out.
    by telling a long story.
    with new music.

  15. The farmers in the valley were satisfied. Little of the grain had been afflicted by blight that summer. The thunderstorms had not been frequent or severe. The season had been a
  16. Your answer:
    warm one.
    short one.
    poor one.
    good one.

  17. The river is wide and deep, and there are few bridges across it. There are ferry boats at several points. If you just miss a ferry, you will have to wait thirty minutes for another. You may save time by driving a little farther and using the
  18. Your answer:

  19. After he was declared an outlaw, Eric the Red decided to leave his Icelandic home. He recruited some of his friends, and together they sailed westward, seeking a new home. At that time, no one believed that any land existed west of Iceland, so friends who remained in Iceland expected
  20. Your answer:
    that he would become famous.
    that he would reach Greenland.
    him to discover land.
    never to see him again.

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