Reading for Understanding Two #36B

Thelma Thurstone The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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  1. Hypersensitive people usually fit into a pattern. They concentrate intensely on their every duty. They work for long hours at a furious pace. If they are forced to stop being busy even for a short while, they become tense and restless. They are almost never
  2. Your answer:

  3. Beavers build their homes of trees and mud, usually in the middle of streams and rivers. This affords them a great deal of protection from their enemies. People have built dams for thousands of years in order to provide themselves with enough water for their personal needs and for crops and farm animals. Both beavers and people need to build dams for
  4. Your answer:
    other animals.
    human beings.
    their survival.
    their homes.

  5. The country is one of infinite contrasts -- coasts and plains, snow-capped mountains and deserts, subtropics and cold areas, slow rivers and rushing mountain streams. Consequently, this country's agriculture and industry are
  6. Your answer:
    poorly developed.
    greatly varied.

  7. The new machine was rough and unfinished in its appearance. It creaked and groaned as it moved along. The most wonderful thing about it was that it really did work. Despite its appearance, it was
  8. Your answer:

  9. Since there is no mail delivery on Sunday, the Monday mail is very heavy. Mail vans have more stops to make on Monday, so they usually come
  10. Your answer:
    more often.

  11. The children like to have a story read to them at bedtime. The longer the story, the better they like it because
  12. Your answer:
    they can read better.
    they can stay up longer.
    it is more exciting.
    it is harder to listen to it.

  13. Out on the road, car accidents take lives every day. It is only reasonable to require that every owner of a car keep it
  14. Your answer:
    in the safest possible condition.
    off roads that pedestrians use.
    at home during severe storms.
    cleaned and polished.

  15. Our plane flew between two mountains. We were startled to see a train on top of one of the mountains. It seemed strange that the train was
  16. Your answer:
    higher than we were.
    going around us.
    between the mountains.
    below us.

  17. I have always thought of the robin as a farm tenant that pays rent by eating grubs and worms. If it eats a few cherries besides, one should remember that these cherries have been
  18. Your answer:

  19. The leaves of green plants make food for the plants out of soil, water, and carbon dioxide. They cannot do this without the help of light, and every leafy plant is shaped so that its leaves get the best exposure to
  20. Your answer:

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