Reading for Understanding Two #36A

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  1. Most of the prehistoric reptiles were unable either to adapt to the ice that eventually covered their accustomed habitat or to migrate to
  2. Your answer:
    frozen lands.
    the Arctic.
    warmer zones.
    modern countries.

  3. Before people learned to build boats of any kind or even to use logs for floating, a river was a barrier to travel. There was no way to get across a body of water such as an ocean. It is hard for us to realize this when our rivers and oceans are now used so much for
  4. Your answer:
    a water supply.
    shore fishing.

  5. Certain mechanical defects, not apparent in the plans, showed up when the motor was
  6. Your answer:

  7. Citrus fruits are grown in tropical regions because the trees cannot survive where there is
  8. Your answer:

  9. The house has always been crowded, and with the birth of twins the situation certainly was not
  10. Your answer:

  11. It takes the giraffe a very long time to get a drink of water. Because its neck is stiff, it must spread its front legs apart, bend its forelegs slightly, and slowly and jerkily work its head down to the water. In like manner, after drinking for a while, it must reverse the difficult process to get it neck back up. It may repeat the performance two or three times before it has drunk sufficient water. Of a possible twenty minutes spent taking a drink, the giraffe may spend only five minutes in actual drinking and the rest in
  12. Your answer:
    getting its mouth down to the water and back up.
    searching the landscape for the sight of water.
    planning how it is going to reach the water.
    deciding where to eat after it has drunk water.

  13. Overpopulation means that such a large number of people or other living things are trying to live in a given area that, on the average, none live as well as they could if
  14. Your answer:
    the government supervised work more closely.
    they were not so crowded.
    fewer people were more engaged in agriculture.
    science were more advanced.

  15. Part of the fun of having a pet is taking care of it yourself. Your parents will probably not object to getting you a pet if you will
  16. Your answer:
    love it.
    buy it.
    play with it.
    take care of it.

  17. A new experimental window has been invented. This window automatically closes when rain or snow falls, when the temperature drops, or when a strong wind blows. The window opens by itself when
  18. Your answer:
    the air conditioning comes on.
    a certain amount of time has passed.
    weather conditions again become fair.
    the householder presses a button.

  19. People today have a lot of free time to pursue hobbies just for pleasure. Most of those who paint as a hobby are not interested in selling their paintings or in winning prizes in exhibitions. They are merely satisfying their own
  20. Your answer:
    artistic desires.
    freedom from work.

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