Reading for Understanding Two #35C

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  1. The first thing to be learned in fish cookery is to cook the fish as soon as possible after it is caught. The shorter the route from the fishhook to the frying pan, the better the fish will taste. Good fish must be
  2. Your answer:

  3. When a siren is moving towards you, the sound waves that reach you are shorter than when the siren is standing still. Because the sound waves are shorter, the siren sounds higher in pitch. When the siren is moving away from you, the sound waves that reach you are longer, and thus the pitch is
  4. Your answer:

  5. The slow-moving North American porcupine covers only a small range of territory, often no more than a few acres in its entire lifetime. Stories are told of Native Americans who, having located a porcupine, waited until the animal was needed for food before they went in search of it again. They were confident that they would find it
  6. Your answer:
    close to the place where it had first been seen.
    after a long and arduous search.
    near the native American encampment.
    moving rapidly to a new feeding ground.

  7. We need to protect our growing plants and gardens from animals that harm them. Some worms and insects destroy plants, whereas other insects are helpful because they eat the
  8. Your answer:
    harmful insects.

  9. The journey included many hardships for the travellers. The trail was often rough; frequently, the weather was unpleasant; often, water was
  10. Your answer:

  11. The waters of Lake Erie plunge over Niagra Falls at the rate of 450 million liters per minute. Although the falls are not high compared with Victoria Falls in Africa, the tremendous volume of water spilling over Niagra Falls presents an awesome sight to tourists from all over the world. Niagra Falls is among the most famous of North America's
  12. Your answer:
    modern dams.
    natural wonders.
    engineering wonders.
    natural lakes.

  13. It is legal in this area for farm children to drive tractors several years before they can get a permit to drive a car. Driving a car in traffic requires more maturity than operating a tractor
  14. Your answer:
    before the age of fifteen.
    ar any other machinery.
    in most countries.
    in a field.

  15. Ever since 1790, when the first census was taken in the United States, the succeeding censuses have covered ten-year periods. That is, whenever a year begins in zero, a new
  16. Your answer:
    government is elected.
    generation is born.
    census is taken.
    almanac is published.

  17. In colonial times it was thought that people were idlers and loafers if they took time out from work to play. Even children at school were given no time for play. Sunday was a day of rest, but not of
  18. Your answer:
    church attendance.

  19. People may starve themselves while they are gaining weight. They may be eating too much of some foods and not enough of other foods. Good nutrition requires not only enough food, but also
  20. Your answer:
    attractively prepared food.
    plenty of water.
    a regular meal schedule.
    the right kinds of foods.

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