Reading for Understanding Two #35A

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  1. Floors that have cracked or worn thin should always be repaired as soon as their condition is noticed in order to remove the danger of their
  2. Your answer:
    being seen by friends.
    breaking through.
    catching on fire.
    becoming worn.

  3. A bird that can be used to carry messages is the homing pigeon. It is useful as a message carrier because this pigeon's attachment to its home is so great that it will not leave home of its own free will for any other home. If taken from its home, it will return
  4. Your answer:
    only if carrying a message.
    the following spring.
    at the first opportunity.
    at nightfall.

  5. Every hair of a caribou's coat is a hollow quill. When a caribou must cross a great lake on its journey to new grazing lands, this natural life jacket makes it easy for the animal to swim a long distance without
  6. Your answer:

  7. The concert was so enjoyable that no one wanted it to end. When the orchestra finished playing its last number for the evening, some of the audience shouted, "More, more," and everyone clapped until the conductor agreed to play
  8. Your answer:
    his best.
    another piece.
    the concert.
    no more.

  9. There have been periods when large parts of the earth were covered with ice, and other periods when much of the earth's surface was covered with great forests. In the history of the earth there have been many
  10. Your answer:
    changes in climate.
    varieties of plants.
    varieties of animals.
    costly wars.

  11. Although the country has fertile valleys, large forests, and a supposed abundance of minerals, it still needs to develop its
  12. Your answer:

  13. Many large cities of the world have extensive systems of subsurface or underground passenger railways that carry millions of passengers every day. Underground railways are of great importance to cities because they
  14. Your answer:
    increase traffic congestion.
    completely replace bus service.
    greatly reduce street traffic.
    completely replace taxicabs.

  15. A cannibal eats other things of its own kind. Human cannibals eat people. Some insects are cannibals. They eat
  16. Your answer:

  17. We have a saying that "money does not grow on trees." What this really means is that one does not find money -- one must work for it. This is true even in the case of a farmer who makes a living from an orchard. The apples grow on the trees, and they bring in money; but the farmer
  18. Your answer:
    depends on the trees
    does not get much money.
    finds it on trees.
    works for it.

  19. When the winter weather is severe or when there is difficulty in finding food, the black bear stays for months at a time in its home -- a hollow tree, a cave, or a hole. The grizzly bear is much fiercer and does not sleep through the winter as does the black bear and some others do. It hunts its prey
  20. Your answer:
    in the Northwest.
    in good weather.
    at night.
    in any kind of weather.

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