Reading for Understanding Two #34B

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  1. For thousands of years people told time by the sun in the daytime and by the stars at night. Later, mechanical devices for telling time were used, but clocks as we know them have been in use for only about a thousand years. Watches were not made until much later -- about five hundred years ago. The first watches were large and clumsy, but watches now are often
  2. Your answer:
    more accurate.
    very small.
    quite plain.
    less expensive.

  3. Most railway tracks that you see are double: there is one set of tracks for trains going north, for instance, and another set of tracks for trains going south. If there is only one set of tracks, there must be sidings every now and then. A siding is a short track that a train can get on from the main track. Sidings are necessary on single tracks whenever
  4. Your answer:
    trains are approaching from opposite directions.
    the tracks are used only for freight.
    a train is letting off passengers.
    a train is being turned around.

  5. Who would guess that throwing a plastic flying disc would become a big-time sport? Over 80 million kids and adults have thrown a
  6. Your answer:
    paper airplane.

  7. It was hard to explain to the children that, although they were a great joy, they were also a great expense. Thus, many of the things that they asked for could not be
  8. Your answer:

  9. The hummingbirds drink nectar from flowers. The hummingbird has a long, slender bill that can reach easily into the flowers to get the nectar. The goldfinch has a thick, stubby bill that it uses as a nutcracker for opening the seeds that contain its food. The woodpecker has to cut into food to find insects for food, and its bill is unusually
  10. Your answer:

  11. When Jim started working in his family's shop, he suspected that his parents had given him the job just to please hm. He liked the days when he had so many customers that he did not know whom to wait on first. At those times he thought that his parents really
  12. Your answer:
    needed him.
    were rich.
    liked him.
    saw him.

  13. The best position from which to fight a cold is lying down. If you wish to rid yourself of a cold
  14. Your answer:
    drink very little.
    exercise strenuously.
    go to bed.
    take pills.

  15. One person who screams or starts to run at a school fire may frighten others and make it harder for all to escape. Should this happen, it becomes doubly important for everyone else to
  16. Your answer:
    break ranks and run.
    show disapproval.
    be even calmer.
    call the teacher.

  17. The children often stop at the market to pet the Tabby, especially if Linda is with them. Rico and Susan pet her gently even though they are a little bit afraid of cats, but she always ends up on the lap of
  18. Your answer:

  19. Workers who keep highways free of snow very rarely get the credit due them. They battle through bitter weather and giant drifts without stopping until
  20. Your answer:
    the last road is cleared.
    new snow falls.
    the sun is shining.
    all the ice is melted.

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