Reading for Understanding Two #34A

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  1. Elephants do not fear most other animals in the jungle. Elephants are so huge that other animals just leave them alone. The other animals also know that elephants are peaceful. Elephants can go on their way
  2. Your answer:
    without trouble.
    if lions decide to let them pass.
    wherever they find friends.
    only the cover of darkness.

  3. The two soldiers were happy to see each other again. In the past they had spent many hours together, fought side by side, and shared their victories and disappointments. They had spent hours talking of their hopes and fears. Through their many common experiences, they had become
  4. Your answer:
    bitter enemies.
    casual acquaintances.
    close friends.
    jealous rivals.

  5. Mechanical pitching machines have become fixtures in spring training ever since baseball managers found out how much work they could save
  6. Your answer:

  7. It is not difficult to dodge a charging bull, for he closes his eyes and rushes blindly forward. A charging cow, on the other hand, is quite a different matter, for she
  8. Your answer:
    looks where she is going.
    charges blindly also.
    constantly follows her calf.
    cannot run rapily.

  9. Hard water does not make good soapsuds. Water is hard because it contains dissolved minerals that it has picked up from the soil. Soft water contains fewer minerals. A good example of soft water is
  10. Your answer:
    tap water.
    mineral water.
    spring water.

  11. The tribe's hunters returned home when they had obtained enough meat and skins to last them through the winter. They killed only the number of animals that they
  12. Your answer:
    could carry.
    could skin.

  13. If you scream or yell loudly, you may injure your throat. At such events as ball games, many persons become hoarse as a result of much yelling and shouting. Their throats become
  14. Your answer:
    folled with food.
    very healthy.
    long and narrow.
    red and inflamed.

  15. For many years the residents of this town have watched motorists go by, scarcely lifting their eyes from the road as they journey to nearby resorts. Now these residents are determined to reap for themselves some of the potential revenue that speeds through their town each year. They are planning to make it attractive to
  16. Your answer:

  17. In California, there are forests of great redwood trees. The wood is a reddish brick shade, and this gives the tree its
  18. Your answer:

  19. If bananas are allowed to ripen before they are picked, they have to be used soon because they spoil quickly. Bananas that are to be shipped a long way are picked when they are
  20. Your answer:

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