Reading for Understanding Two #33C

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  1. These grubs are such hardy pests that they richly deserve the name of "leatherjackets." Nothing seems to kill them. They can be frozen stiff; or they can lie underwater for days, and then after such an experience be
  2. Your answer:
    reduced in numbers.
    useful to farmers.
    easily exterminated.
    as lively as ever.

  3. The early explorers of the North Pole travelled by foot and by dog sledge through the ice and snow. The journeys were very dangerous and took many months. After the invention of the plane, trips to the North Pole, although still fairly dangerous, could be made in
  4. Your answer:
    an icebreaker.
    a few hours.
    the summer.
    a few sledges.

  5. Petrified trees were once living trees. When a tree fell, it gradually became covered with mud. The water in the ground took away the wood a bit at a time and left in its place a bit of stone. After many years, the wood was entirely gone; and all that remained was
  6. Your answer:
    a rotted log.
    mineral water.
    solid stone.
    mud and dead leaves.

  7. The snake's teeth cannot bite food into pieces, so all its victims must be
  8. Your answer:
    cut before being eaten.
    able to escape.
    chewed well.
    swallowed whole.

  9. San Marino is a very small country within Italy. It is completely independent and is a republic. It covers only sixty-one square kilometers and has a population of about nineteen thousand. The chief sources of income in San Marino are from the tourist trade and from the sale of postage stamps. Visiting the smallest republic in the world is interesting, and stamp collectors everywhere are interested in acquiring the attractive
  10. Your answer:

  11. The scent that some quince fruits have is so pleasant that people place the fruit among clothes to
  12. Your answer:
    prevent wrinkles.
    give fragrance.
    keep moths out.
    prevent mildew.

  13. Good office workers must keep confidential matters to themselves. One of the world's largest offices dismisses employees who
  14. Your answer:

  15. The five Oakley children lived in a large, old, run-down house by the river. Although the family was not rich, they had such jolly times together that the children did not regret having
  16. Your answer:
    a large house.
    little money.
    so few brothers and sisters.
    cruel parents.

  17. The canoes used by Pacific islanders are extremely long and narrow. Indeed, were it not for outriggers, which are extensions from the side that help balance them, these canoes often would be
  18. Your answer:
    tipped over.

  19. The people in the state of Maine enjoy fruits from California, and the Californians enjoy lobsters from maine. This is made possible by the development of rapid means of transport and
  20. Your answer:
    new laws.

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