Reading for Understanding Two #33B

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  1. It has taken thousands of years to wear down rock and dead vegetation to form soil. If we waste our soil, we shall not be able to replace it. We must
  2. Your answer:
    save it.
    sell it.
    water it.
    farm it.

  3. Peggy once more made the slow and painful climb to the top of the hill and refastened her new skis. She watched the other skiers as they flew down the hill. It looked so effortless. Peggy had been down the hill twice, and she had fallen both times. Skiing, she knew from experience, was
  4. Your answer:
    very simple for beginners.
    not so easy as it appeared.
    only for very young children.
    a sport no one could enjoy.

  5. Bread is the most widely used food. People in different parts of the world use different grains for flour and make bread in many different shapes. Most of the bread used in the United States is white bread that is made from wheat flour, and 95 percent of the bread is baked in commercial bakeries. Now, very little bread is baked
  6. Your answer:
    in bakeries.
    from wheat flour.
    in other countries.
    at home.

  7. Michi, my baby sister, thinks that any animal that has hair is a dog. Yesterday she said "Dog" while she was looking at a
  8. Your answer:

  9. During the winter months, planes are used in some northern areas of the world to drop blocks of salt and bales of hay to herds of cattle, elk, wild deer, and antelope, whose natural food supply is covered with
  10. Your answer:

  11. Window washers working without a scaffold on tall buildings wear strong straps around their waists. When attached securely to the window frame, these straps keep the window washer from
  12. Your answer:

  13. In this small country, over half of the people are rice farmers. Rice is one of the three major crops, and it is the major export item. No wonder great religious festivals are held
  14. Your answer:
    whenever summer comes.
    at rice-planting time.
    to relieve the monotony of work.
    to celebrate the birth of the country's gods.

  15. In this climate, heating systems are unnecessary. Homes are built to let in the sun, which is so warm that midday shoppers often stay on the shady side of the street in order to avoid
  16. Your answer:
    passing cars.
    the dusty road.
    the blazing rays.
    becoming cold.

  17. Though birds generally migrate at the end of summer and in spring, at almost any time of the year some birds may be found on the move. birds are great
  18. Your answer:

  19. Aladdin was the lazy son of a poor tailor. Though he was old enough to work and learn a trade, he loved play and idleness more than work and spent his time playing in the streets with other boys who also were
  20. Your answer:

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