Reading for Understanding Two #33A

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  1. I like to come to the south side of this hill in the spring, for it gets the first spring sunshine and the first warm spring rain. The flowers here seem to bloom
  2. Your answer:
    very late in the flowering season.
    after all the other flowers have died.
    a little sooner than almost anywhere else.
    even without bright sunshine and rain.

  3. It is said that Thomas A. Edison, the great inventor, had no close friends. He occasionally spent some time with Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, and John Burroughs -- all well-known people of his time. He spent very little time with his family. He worked hard for long hours and seemed to be too busy for
  4. Your answer:
    his laboratory.

  5. Starfish, so called because most of them resemble five-pointed stars, are deadly enemies of oysters, clams, crabs, and young fish. However, since starfish also eat any waste material on the bottom of the sea, they serve as the ocean's
  6. Your answer:
    deadliest enemies.
    sanitation squad.
    brightest stars.
    protectors of shellfish.

  7. Death results if a person is prevented from breathing for only a few minutes. In drowning, it is not the water that is responsible for death but the
  8. Your answer:
    depth of the water.
    air in the water.
    presence of hydrogen.
    absence of air.

  9. Most of the streams were shallow and could be forded easily, so there were few
  10. Your answer:

  11. We say "soap and water are cheap," and think that the only reason for not being clean is laziness. But soap has not always been plentiful and cheap. In some parts of the world, people do not have soap in abundance. Cleanliness is important for health, but it is not always
  12. Your answer:
    easy to achieve.

  13. The hottest stars are blue. White stars are hotter than yellow stars. Red stars are the coolest stars. When the temperature of a star changes, there is also a change in its
  14. Your answer:

  15. The increase in fatal highway accidents has pointed to the danger from drunken drivers and had raised the question of the desirability of legislation to control
  16. Your answer:
    the activities of police officers.
    youthful drivers.
    the rights of drinkers.
    speed at intersections.

  17. Willie had not wanted to take Jack and Eddie with him when he went fishing, for "kids are always in the way." However, they had begged so hard that he took them, and now it was their bailing water out of the boat that kept it from sinking. He certainly was glad that he had
  18. Your answer:
    a leakproof boat.
    had such a good time.
    given in to their nagging.
    no one with him.

  19. The people who live next door spend their holidays and summer weekends on their small houseboat, which the keep on a large lake. They say that one of the big advantages of a houseboat over a summer cottage at the beach is that they are never bothered by
  20. Your answer:

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