Reading for Understanding Two #32C

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  1. The early "corduroy roads" were made of logs that were placed side by side. The places between the logs were filled earth to make the road as smooth as possible. The rains washed this earth away so that after a rain these roads were very
  2. Your answer:

  3. In some parts of Africa, night comes very quickly. One minute it is bright, and the next minute it is very dark. With the coming of darkness, the heat of the day leaves. After being very warm, you suddenly become
  4. Your answer:

  5. The mails are very heavy at the Christmas season. If you mail your packages early, they will be handled less roughly and will be more likely to
  6. Your answer:
    arrive before Christmas.
    be broken in transit.
    please the receiver.
    cost a little less.

  7. Meat spoils because of the activity of bacteria. Meat keeps better when it has been salted because the salt kills the bacteria. Extreme cold keeps the meat from spoiling because it makes the bacteria inactive. Long ago, salt did the job of preserving food that is done now by
  8. Your answer:
    the activity of bacteria.
    refrigerators and deep-freeze units.
    the butcher in the supermarket.
    cattle and sheep.

  9. When Kenneth started to play golf, he was always exhausted by the time he reached the ninth hole. But after playing regularly for several months, he developed endurance and could play longer without getting
  10. Your answer:
    a high score.
    a lost ball.

  11. Some people just cannot throw anything away. They never feel sure that they will not need it again, and they are never
  12. Your answer:

  13. Long ago there were no agreed-upon units of length such as centimeters or meters. Early peoples probably used parts of their bodies for measuring. A person could measure by saying, "This is twice as long as my foot." With so many individuals' feet being used as a unit of length, there must have been disagreements about the sizes of things because
  14. Your answer:
    people had not learned to count.
    everyone agreed upon the length of a foot.
    human feet are not divided into smaller units.
    the feet of different people are of different lengths.

  15. Personal computers have replaced typewriters in many offices. To help workers use the new machines, many employers have given them
  16. Your answer:
    training courses.
    better equipment.
    new jobs.
    more money.

  17. There are nearly 130 different kinds of goldenrod. Varieties of this plant are found in all kinds of places. There is the alpine goldenrod, which grows on the tops of mountains; there is the large-leafed goldenrod, which grows in damp woods; there is the seaside goldenrod, which grows in salt marshes
  18. Your answer:
    by the sea.
    along roadsides.
    in meadows.
    near lakes.

  19. Norway is a country in the Scandinavian peninsula of northern Europe. Norwegians have been great sailors and fishers for over a thousand years. They have depended mainly on the sea for their livelihood. For this reason, Norwegians have usually lived in settlements
  20. Your answer:
    along the coast.
    of small houses.
    in large cities.
    on small farms.

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