Reading for Understanding Two #32B

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  1. When the spinning jenny was first introduced in England, factory workers were afraid that it would do all their work. They wanted to destroy the jenny in order to preserve their
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  3. Many teenagers work after school and during weekends. Some have part-time jobs and some do various odd jobs. With their earnings, teenagers are able to pay for their clothes, their recreation, and some of their school
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  5. More than four-fifths of the potatoes grow in the world are grown in Europe. This fact probably surprises people in the United States, since they seem to have
  6. Your answer:
    a shortage of potatoes.
    a need for potato imports.
    plenty of potatoes.
    many uses for potatoes.

  7. Bauxite, a valuable ore, was discovered in the United States near Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1887. Arkansas is now the biggest producer of bauxite in the United States. Other minerals are found in Arkansas; but commercially, the most important one is
  8. Your answer:
    iron ore.

  9. In the United States, yearly crop damage caused by weeds amounts to millions of dollars. The best allies in the fight against weeds are juncos, quails, sparrows, and other birds that destroy tons of weed seed every year. If it were not for the help of these birds, fighting weeds would be a lost cause, and farming in the United States would be
  10. Your answer:
    almost impossible.
    more profitable.
    less troublesome.

  11. When blood from one person is transferred to the veins of another, the operation is called a transfusion. Blood transfusions save the lives of many persons who are very ill or who have lost blood in an accident. Doctors are always careful to match the types of blood of the two persons involved in the
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  13. Large flocks of sheep are often controlled by well-trained sheep dogs that keep the sheep from getting lost or from being harmed by their enemies. But stray dogs often kill unprotected sheep. A dog is sometimes a sheep's best friend and sometimes its
  14. Your answer:
    worst enemy.
    best leader.
    best protector.

  15. Snakes do not have movable eyelids and therefore are unable to close their eyes. A tough transparent membrane covers and protects their eyeballs, but snakes are still unable to
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  17. In our part of the country, the land is very hilly; the hills are covered with very tall trees that hide the horizon. We cannot see the beauty of the sunset because the sun sets
  18. Your answer:
    behind the trees.
    in front of the trees.
    behind the clouds.
    on top of the hill.

  19. Ways of living are greatly influenced by the climate. Food that is available in the warm climates is different from that available in the coldest climates. Climate also determines large differences in housing, recreation, and
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