Reading for Understanding Two #31C

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  1. The skin of a baby is very sensitive and can be irritated easily. Baby clothes should not be
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  3. Words play an important part in the devlopment of human civilization, we can be sure. When the earliest people needed help to do a task, they needed language to call for helpers. Planning for the future was made easier by
  4. Your answer:
    knowing exactly what had to be done.
    the use of language.
    the use of group meetings.
    having a leader.

  5. The Japanese are interested in baseball and have professional leagues like those in the United States and Canada. The Japanese use many of the same words in the game -- for example, when a ball is hit out of the park, the Japanese radio announcer calls out,
  6. Your answer:
    "Home run."

  7. After he reformed, the man tried quietly to atone for all his past misdeeds. At every opportunity he performed a good service for someone towards whom he formerly had been unkind. By his actions, he tried to persuade his former enemies to
  8. Your answer:
    antagonize him.
    hate him.
    punish him.
    forgive him.

  9. When enemy soldiers occupied that country during the war, some farmers hid valuable possessions in haystacks to prevent their being
  10. Your answer:
    broken accidentally.
    taken by the enemy.
    seen by their friends.
    used as weapons.

  11. If you have money in a savings account at the bank, the bank pays you for the use of that money. This payment is called interest. The longer you leave the money in the savings account, the
  12. Your answer:
    more interest you will have.
    more interest you will pay.
    less money you will save.
    more money you will spend.

  13. The satellite was clearly visible and people were fascinated and awed by it. Every evening, the news broadcaster announced its time of visibility so that people could watch for it. Many people watched it time after time and night after night. They were really
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  15. A construction team is like a baseball team. The success of either team depends on the cooperation of all the players. On the construction team, the builder must be able to work well with the owner, the architect, and the engineer. The pitcher on the baseball team must cooperate with the fielders. Group success comes with
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  17. One of the first exchanges of messages that took place over the new transatlantic cable in 1866 was between the President of the United States and the Queen of England. Both of them were happy that the cable now had
  18. Your answer:
    aided communications between their countries.
    made the diplomatic corps unnecessary.
    been used by royalty.
    enabled them to declare war on each other.

  19. The low-growing, tufted, green moss plants require water and so are able to survive only in places where they will not dry out. The plants grow on thin pockets of mineral soil if this soil is
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