Reading for Understanding Two #31B

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  1. Knitted goods adjust to the shape of the wearer. Woven goods do not have this characteristic. It is because of this property that knitted materials are often used for
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  3. Most fish have a "swim bladder" -- a sac of gases inside the body. When a fish starts to go down in the water, it lets some of the gas out of the sac; when it wants to go up, it
  4. Your answer:
    forces more gas into the sac.
    pushes itself with its fins.
    empties the swim bladder.
    swims much harder.

  5. Many persons, especially children, are afraid of thunder. Thunder is not dangerous, but the lightning that accompanies it is. The thunder always reaches us later than the lightning; if we hear the thunder, we do not need to be afraid because the lightning has already
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    struck us.

  7. Zippers are popular for so many uses that we may make the mistake of thinking that buttons are no longer used. A recent report of the button industry gives twelve billion as the annual output of buttons in the United States. This is more than fifty buttons per person for the whole country. The figure is surprising at first, but if you really stop to think about it, it is
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  9. Spoons were among the first tools used for eating. Foods, such as meat, that could not be scooped up in a spoon were handled with the fingers. In 1100 an Italian noblewoman who did not want to pick up meat with her fingers introduced, as part of her table setting,
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  11. With the car moving at unchecked speed, three-quarters of a second usually passes from the time drivers spot danger until they step on the
  12. Your answer:
    brake pedal.

  13. People used to be afraid to travel by plane. For this reason, airline companies have published evidence intended to show how safe flying is. The large number of persons who are now travelling by air indicates that most people
  14. Your answer:
    are in too big a hurry.
    are willing to insure their lives.
    have plenty of money.
    are no longer afraid.

  15. The lights in farmhouses do not burn as late at night as do the lights in city houses. The farmers want to get to work as soon as it is daylight, and so they must
  16. Your answer:
    get more sleep.
    watch TV.
    go to bed early.
    save electric current.

  17. Elephants are sociable creatures. They never leave their herds unless they are sent away by the other elephants because of bad conduct. Hunters rarely see an elephant
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  19. Sea otters have the most elegant fur in the world. This fur is very rare and costly. For centuries, these animals have been killed for their pelts, and the species has been almost eliminated. Hunters in the past have explored vast northern areas and endured great hardships and perils to hunt and kill sea otters because these animals
  20. Your answer:
    are too plentiful.
    are delicious to eat.
    have valuable fur.
    live in tropical waters.

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