Reading for Understanding Two #31A

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  1. After fruit has reached its peak ripeness, it spoils rapidly. Some fruit growers try to pick their fruit when it is ripe and then get it to market as rapidly as possible. Growers who depend on slower forms of transport may pick and ship their fruit while it is
  2. Your answer:
    nearly rotten.
    at its peak.
    on the tree.
    still green.

  3. In warm, damp weather, wood tends to swell. For the first two weeks that summer, it rained every day. The doors and windows in our house became so swollen that they were difficult to
  4. Your answer:
    open and close.
    see through.

  5. Nitrogen is a gas that will not maintain life. If an animal is confined in an airtight enclosure that contains only nitrogen, that animal will
  6. Your answer:

  7. When the Danish explorers Freuchen and Rasmussen ventured into the Arctic, they travelled by sledge. The difficulties were enormous. Polar travel is a very different matter now because of the radio, the plane, and
  8. Your answer:
    a change in climate.
    the shift of interest to Antarctica.
    other modern inventions.
    the work of pioneers like Freuchen.

  9. Manila, in the Philippine Islands, has grown from a small fishing village to a large modern city. This seaport is constantly busy with ships that carry goods produced in the Philippines to other lands. An important factor in Manila's growth is its possession of one of the world's finest
  10. Your answer:
    volcanic mountains.
    forms of government.
    natural harbors.
    educational systems.

  11. A young turtle grows very rapidly. Every summer the plates that make up its shell add a new, wide rim. If you count these rims, you may be able to guess a young turtle's
  12. Your answer:

  13. Many countries have picnic parking places along their busy roads. These parks provide tables and benches under trees or in shaded places. Some of the picnic tables and benches are set in wooden shelters so that travellers can find a place to eat even
  14. Your answer:
    late in the afternoon.
    when it is raining.
    when they are in a hurry.
    on busy highways.

  15. People who have communicable diseases are sometimes quarantined; that is, they are isolated from everyone but those responsible for their care in an attempt to keep the disease from being
  16. Your answer:

  17. In the days of Magellan, ships were so small that they could carry only a limited supply of food. During Magellan's long voyage when no land was sighted for many days, some members of the crew became seriously ill, and some died as a result of
  18. Your answer:
    attack by natives.

  19. Cabbage is a very wholesome vegetable. In warm climates it is grown practically all year round, and in cooler areas it is grown in the spring and summer. Cabbage is
  20. Your answer:
    hard to cook.
    always available.
    not very popular.

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