Reading for Understanding Two #30B

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  1. We had watched that field for several months. First, green shoots had appeared, pushing up through the brown soil of the fertile valley. These shoots had grown until they were knee-high; then they had ripened, turning from green to the bright gold of wheat. Now, finally, it was time for
  2. Your answer:
    sowing new crops.
    reaping the grain.
    building new fences.
    ploughing the field.

  3. The emergency room at the hospital is always full of patients. When the big snowstorm came, there were many accidents. A large number of emergency cases were brought to the hospital, and it was hard to give the patients
  4. Your answer:
    prompt attention.
    home care.
    train tickets.

  5. The MacDonalds lived in a small brown cottage. Here they were sheltered from the raw winter winds because their home was surrounded by a ring of
  6. Your answer:

  7. Some meat-eating animals like to eat only live animals. When an opossom pretends to be dead while under attack from such an animal, it
  8. Your answer:
    is protecting itself.
    is very foolish.
    will be eaten.
    has killed itself.

  9. In the early days of the United States, large areas of land were cleared of trees in order to make more land available for cultivation. Eastern forests were the first to suffer. Then, as the frontier moved on, western forests also echoed with the sound of the
  10. Your answer:
    children's voices.
    sleigh bells.
    pioneers' axes.
    dinner gong.

  11. There are plants in the sea that look like animals, and animals that look like plants. Anyone who sees them knows that they are living things, but only an expert can tell
  12. Your answer:
    how large they are.
    what shape they are.
    the plants from the animals.
    which are the living ones.

  13. A mechanical heart that aids greatly in surgery on the heart has been invented. The mechanical heart pumps the patient's own blood while the doctors
  14. Your answer:
    discharge the patient.
    operate on the patient's heart.
    save the patient's life.
    prepare transfusions.

  15. The roots of a plant take water from the soil. A plant must have water to stay alive. When insects in the soil attack and eat a plant's roots,
  16. Your answer:
    nothing is harmed.
    it grows taller.
    the plant dies.
    winter is near.

  17. Before people had the benefit of refrigeration and of rapid and less expensive means of transportation, they could have fresh fruits and vegetables only when they were grown close by. Now, thanks to these conveniences, we are able to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables
  18. Your answer:
    when they are in season.
    in the summer.
    grown far away.
    only if we have to grow them.

  19. Nomads are people who have no permanent homes but who wander from one place to another. Nomads may have flocks of animals and travel from one good pasture to another in order to feed their animals. As you can well imagine, nomads have very little furniture because
  20. Your answer:
    they do not know how to make it.
    furniture would be too heavy to carry with them.
    there is nowhere for nomads to buy furniture.
    furniture is too expensive.

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