Reading for Understanding Two #30A

Thelma Thurstone The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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  1. Because of the intense cold, the river would probably freeze hard in a few days. Then the army could cross
  2. Your answer:
    the front lines.
    on the ice.
    in boats.
    the mountains.

  3. The transparent protective covering over the eyeball is called the cornea. The cornea must be kept wet. The closing of the eyelids every few seconds brings down tears from the tear glands. This keeps the cornea from getting
  4. Your answer:

  5. Before the invention of explosives, the only way to get rock from the ground was to dig it out with hand tools. Because such digging was long, hard work, only public buildings and the homes of the very rich were made of
  6. Your answer:

  7. There are hundreds of superstitions, and many of them are about good luck and bad luck. Many of us joke about Friday the thirteenth's being an unlucky day, but we do not believe that it is any more unlucky than
  8. Your answer:
    a four-leaf clover.
    breaking a mirror.
    any other day.
    a black cat.

  9. Several years ago fifteen men went to Bradford, England, to try to destroy a house. Using only their hands and feet, they "chopped" apart a six-room home. Boards and bricks flew through the air, and before long, the house was in ruins. The men bowed gracefully to the house and then turned and walked away. They were
  10. Your answer:
    karate experts.
    baseball players.

  11. Cold weather may freeze the water in a plant. The freezing water expands and injures the cell walls of the plant so that it soon
  12. Your answer:

  13. The wind causes the shape of a sandy desert to change constantly. The sand blows into ridges and waves, forming sandhills. Since the shape of the desert is always changing, there are no landmarks for travellers. Most desert travelling is done by night when the air is cool and travellers can use the stars to help them
  14. Your answer:
    find their way.
    see their maps.
    keep warm.
    see landmarks.

  15. A curved surface cannot be precisely pictured on a flat surface. Since the earth is round, a map is less precise than
  16. Your answer:
    a book.
    an atlas.
    a globe.
    a sketch.

  17. Bowling is becoming more and more popular, but it is really an old game. The Egyptians played an outdoor bowling game about seven thousand years ago, and the game was popular in Europe hundreds of years ago. The Dutch took the game, which they called skittles, with them when they migrated to new lands in the 1600s. Bowling has
  18. Your answer:
    always been called skittles.
    become an expensive hobby.
    remained popular a long time.
    been a game for children only.

  19. How difficult to walk when you long to run! Your mind can race on even if your feet
  20. Your answer:
    wear shoes.
    have wings.

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