Reading for Understanding Two #28C

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  1. In 1803 the extent of the United States was increased with the purchase of a large area, the Louisiana Territory, from France. Since the government needed information about its new territory, a party of explorers was sent to this region to
  2. Your answer:
    find it.
    settle it.
    explore it.
    capture it.

  3. Many parents who are very gifted musically have children who do not possess that
  4. Your answer:

  5. Glass is made mostly of sand. Certain chemicals are mixed with sand, and this mixture is fused into glass by heating it in large clay pots. It is hard to realize that the glass in our car was once a
  6. Your answer:
    pile of sand.
    plate of glass.
    very hot fire.
    large clay pot.

  7. Most poisons for insects have instructions for using them printed on their containers. Since most of these poisons can be dangerous to people if they are not used correctly, one should use them only
  8. Your answer:
    on insects.
    in the container.
    at night.
    as directed.

  9. The roads were so icy that we were afraid to use the car. We were not even sure that we would be able to
  10. Your answer:

  11. Happy workers are better producers. People who leave home in the morning slamming doors behind them are apt to be less productive than the workers who leave home with a
  12. Your answer:

  13. In Thailand, elephants and their drivers worked closely together and in many respects were considered partners. Occasionally, an elephant threw its driver. If the driver died as a result, the elephant was tried for murder. If it could be proved that the elephant had been mistreated by its master, it was freed. When there was no convincing testimony to support its actions, the elephant was
  14. Your answer:
    given a new driver.
    sent to Siam.
    killed by its driver.
    sentenced to death.

  15. Most furniture used to be handmade. Now that much furniture is made by machine, the manufacturing cost has been reduced; this furniture is less
  16. Your answer:

  17. The electric eel has a right to its name--just ask anyone who has been
  18. Your answer:
    poisoned by one.
    saved by one.
    eaten by one.
    shocked by one.

  19. William Frederick Cody is not a familiar name; most people know Cody by the name Buffalo Bill. He had great skill with a rifle and is said to have killed thousands of buffalo to supply meat for railroad workers in the western United States. Later he became a performer in shows and circuses, where he demonstrated his
  20. Your answer:
    shooting skill.

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