Reading for Understanding Two #28A

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  1. Every month the Scouts in our town hold a paper drive to earn money. Everyone ties up old newspapers in bundles and puts them out by the street for the Scouts to
  2. Your answer:
    pick up.
    tie up.

  3. Frogs hatch from eggs that are laid in water. When they first hatch, they are called tadpoles, and they eat plants that grow in the water. Later, they grow legs and lungs and move out on the land, where they catch insects for food. Frogs are called amphibians, meaning "living in two places." The two places referred to here are
  4. Your answer:
    land and water.
    water and forests.
    land and air.
    underground and land.

  5. At first, these sandbars are wide but unstable. Later, plants that like the salty water take root in the sandbars, and the intertwining of the roots keeps the soil from being
  6. Your answer:
    built up.
    washed away.
    used by people.
    made fertile.

  7. The safety belt that the flight attendant directs you to fasten securely before the plane rises is one of the precautions that may help to
  8. Your answer:
    conserve fuel.
    balance the plane.
    prevent fires.
    protect you.

  9. Bobsledding was invented in North America in 1890 and is now an Olympic sport. It is a very fast and dangerous sport. There are two-person sleds and four-person sleds. The sport gets its name from the quick movements of the riders' bodies as they make the sled go faster. These movements are called
  10. Your answer:

  11. We spend hours trying to justify our past actions, for we hate to admit that we may have been
  12. Your answer:

  13. Many people who are not deaf do have a hearing loss. It is estimated that one of every fifteen people has some hearing loss but that only a small number do anything about it. It seems strange that most people do not hesitate to wear glasses and that so few have done anything to correct
  14. Your answer:
    speaking voices.
    hearing defects.
    hearing aids.

  15. The sloth, an animal that lives in the tropics, hangs for very long periods of time from the branches of trees, apparently motionless. The name of this animal suits its habits, since slothful means
  16. Your answer:

  17. Early fur trappers in North American killed many beavers without realizing the damage that would result. Beavers build dams across streams, thus forming ponds and preventing the water of heavy rains from running off as fast as it otherwise would. When there were few beavers left to build dams, water poured from the streams into rivers and caused lowland
  18. Your answer:

  19. The early round balloon was unsuitable for travel because it floated wherever the wind blew. There was no way to regulate the balloon's
  20. Your answer:

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