Reading for Understanding Two #27C

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  1. Braille is a system of raisesd dots arranged on the page so that blind persons can read by feeling the dots with their fingers. Because many books and magazines are available in Braille, blind persons can now do their own reading and need not depend on
  2. Your answer:
    public libraries.
    people who know Braille.
    people who can see.
    ancient books.

  3. The lecture on poetry was scheduled in a small hall on the campus because the sponsors had not expected a large crowd. On the night of the lecture, many people sat in the aisles, stood in the back of the room, or had to leave without getting in. Students at this college showed a surprising interest in
  4. Your answer:

  5. My brother is happiest when he is working with mechanical objects. It is fortunate that he has a job as
  6. Your answer:
    an orchestra leader.
    a television announcer.
    a television repairer.
    an insurance saleperson.

  7. Dr. Choi is not unwilling to answer our emergency call; because of the difficulty of driving through the deep snow that night, she urged us to call another doctor who
  8. Your answer:
    knew more about the case.
    would come the next morning.
    lived closer to us.
    refused night calls.

  9. The great herds of buffalo that once roamed over the North American prairies trampled the grasses and bushes, making trails in this manner. Buffalo trails always led to the easiest passes in the hills and forests. For this reason, the Native Americans followed the trails
  10. Your answer:
    that they blazed themselves.
    into the dense forest.
    made by white settlers.
    originally made by the buffalo.

  11. Dale was not a bit pleased that she was on her way to the photographer. She thought enviously of her friends who were playing tennis at the park. She thought that it was a shame to waste such a bright Saturday afternoon
  12. Your answer:
    with her friends.
    having her picture taken.
    taking pictures of the match.
    playing doubles.

  13. In the United States, pennies, or one-cent pieces, have been made since 1783. Half-cent pieces were also made until 1857; two-cent pieces were made from 1864 to 1873; three-cent pieces, from 1851 to 1889. Coins that are no longer made are bought by coin collectors, and rare coins sometimes bring high prices. A two-cent piece could be sold
  14. Your answer:
    for more than two cents.
    at no profit.
    at the grocery store.
    for foreign money.

  15. The builder and the athletic department have tried to make the gymnasium safe. Strong apparatus that will not break when it is used has been installed. Thick mats have been supplied to give students something soft to land on when tumbling. As a result, there are few
  16. Your answer:

  17. You have seen bananas hanging in a bunch at the grocery store. You would be surprised if you were to see the banana plant, for its fruit grows in the opposite direction to the way is is hung in a store. You might think that the bananas grow upside down, but it is only that the grocer hangs the bananas
  18. Your answer:
    on a hook.
    upside down.
    to ripen for a while.
    for display.

  19. Bullfighting is a popular sport in Spain, and every large city in Spain has a bull ring. The person who fights and kills the bull is called a matador. Spaniards enjoy watching bullfights as much as North Americans like to watch the game of football. Many people do not like to watch either sport because they think these sports are too
  20. Your answer:

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