Reading for Understanding Two #27B

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  1. A masquerade party is one to which all the guests wear costumes and masks so that no one can recognize them. Often, prizes are given at these parties. If the prizes are given in keeping with the spirit of the party, they will be awarded to the persons
  2. Your answer:
    who wore costumes without masks.
    who did not come in costume.
    whose costumes were of French origin.
    whom no one could recognize.

  3. Mr. and Mrs. Brown are getting older now. They need some help in looking after their small bicycle shop, but they refuse to
  4. Your answer:
    have anyone work with them.
    sell any more bicycles.
    let their age be known.
    buy a larger business.

  5. Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland, but he went to Canada as a young man and later became a citizen of the United States. He invented many things, but the one for which he is best known is the telephone. All his life he was deeply interested in the problems of the deaf. He said that he would rather be known as a teacher of the deaf than as the inventor of the telephone. It is appropriate that the Alexander Graham Bell School of Chicago is the name of a school for
  6. Your answer:
    Scottish children.
    deaf children.
    music students.
    telephone mechanics.

  7. The boys did not want him on their team. Their one and only reason for this attitude was his great ability to get into trouble and to help other people get into trouble. He always seemed to be doing the
  8. Your answer:
    wrong thing.
    difficult tasks.
    smartest tricks.
    best thing.

  9. The neighbors were working desperately to put out the fire. They did not have a hose that was long enough to bring water from the river to the blazing barn. They formed two long lines and passed buckets of water along to several men on the roof of the building. The men took the water and
  10. Your answer:
    washed their hands.
    threw it on the fire.
    quenched their thirst.
    passed it back again.

  11. For many weeks they had dreamed of this vacation. They had studied travel folders and selected the places they particularly wished to visit. Now, at last, they were actually going. The family had spent days poring over maps to determine exactly
  12. Your answer:
    the type of clothing they would require.
    which route to take.
    the best season for going.
    how maps are constructed.

  13. In dressing for cold weather, you should be sure that your clothes are warm enough for outdoor comfort. Also, you should be able to remove some of the outer layers so that you can be comfortable inside where
  14. Your answer:
    there is no fire.
    one is not so active.
    it is warmer.
    there is a crowd.

  15. Christmas trees used to be decorated with candles. Now, electric lights are used in place of candles because there is more risk of fire with
  16. Your answer:
    plastic trees.
    live trees.
    electric trees.

  17. Many Native Americans in the dry regions of the southwestern United States used to live in adobe houses. When adobe clay was wet, it could be easily mixed with straw or other material and formed into bricks. Adobe houses were practical in a dry country, but too much rain would
  18. Your answer:
    increase their strength.
    make them fall apart.
    make them harden.
    bake them.

  19. The people were happy after the animal they feared had been killed. They then became busy making felt from the animal's wool, twisting its tendons into rope, and making instruments and utensils from its bones. Not one bit of the huge body was
  20. Your answer:

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