Reading for Understanding Two #27A

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  1. White clothing is the most comfortable kind to wear in summer because white reflects the sunlight. Black clothing is the most uncomfortable in summer because black absorbs light. When light is absorbed, it changes to
  2. Your answer:

  3. There will be no school tomorrow. All the teachers and pupils are going to the fair. The school buses will pick up the children in the morning at the regular time and will take them home
  4. Your answer:
    after school.
    the next day.
    at the end of the outing.
    if it rains.

  5. Mount Everest, which is in the Himalayan range on the border of Tibet and Nepal, is the highest mountain in the world. It is about 8850 meters high. The British discovered Mount Everest in the 1850s; for more than a hundred years thereafter, many climbers tried to reach its summit. Sir Edmund Hillary, a British explorer, and Tenzing Norgay, a Nepalese Sherpa tribesman, reached the top on May 29, 1953. Several expeditions have climbed Mount Everest since 1953, and climbers from many countries still
  6. Your answer:
    find it easy.
    decide it.
    try it.
    find it comfortable.

  7. Reindeer cows travel to the mountains in the spring to give birth to their calves. In this region, there are many arctic wolves, which are enemies of the reindeer. The herders have to guard the deer from attacks by the wolves. After the calves are born, the number of persons guarding the herd must be greatly increased because the calves are
  8. Your answer:
    in danger of being stolen by rival tribes.
    very delicate and threatened by illness.
    unable to defend themselves against the wolves.
    likely to be attacked by older reindeer.

  9. When fog surrounds a lighthouse, sailors sometimes are unable to see its warning light until it is too late for their ship to avoid the danger. During a fog, radio beacons in the lighthouse send out signals to help ships know how close to trouble they are. These radio signals can be picked up
  10. Your answer:
    when the light is seen.
    several kilometers away.
    in the lighthouse.
    when the fog clears.

  11. Now at last Sola was returning to her native village from which, when only a child, she had been carried off by an enemy tribe. "Surely," she thought, "there will be at least one person left who will
  12. Your answer:
    forgive ne."
    hate me."
    abuse me."
    remember me."

  13. Unlike Europe and Asia, Africa has no big bays or big peninsulas along its coasts. An outline map of Africa would be easy to draw since its coastline is so
  14. Your answer:

  15. Most children go to school more years than did their parents, and for many more years than did their grandparents. Children's attendance in rural districts used to be irregular. The roads were not good, and there were no school
  16. Your answer:

  17. Our automatic toaster needs repairing. We have turned the setting down as much as we can, but the toaster still
  18. Your answer:
    works properly.
    is repaired.
    is expensive.
    burns the bread.

  19. The price of chickens has gone down sharply. Poultry farming is so efficient that the average farmer who does not specialize in raising poultry can buy a chicken at the supermarket for less money than it would cost
  20. Your answer:
    for turkey.
    to cook it.
    to raise it.
    for beef.

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