Reading for Understanding Two #26C

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  1. It has been said of a certain country that its greatest asset is the intelligence and skill of its inhabitants. The country's most important possession is its
  2. Your answer:

  3. Bruce had a special job to do for every season. In the spring, he helped plant the vegetable garden; during the summer, he cut the grass; in autumn, he raked the leaves; in the winter, he
  4. Your answer:
    harvested the crop.
    cleared the snow.
    fed the dog.
    went skating.

  5. We are used to thinking of summer as the time for taking trips, and people who take trips during the winter months usually go to places where it is warm. Tobogganing, skiing,skating, and other winter sports are becoming popular; there are now many winter resorts being built in
  6. Your answer:
    recreational areas.
    warm climates.
    cold-weather areas.

  7. A raccoon, if captured at an early age, is easily tamed and will show considerable affection for its master. However, in addition to its proverbial curiosity, any raccoon has a noticeable tendency to get into mischief. It is not wise to allow a raccoon too much
  8. Your answer:

  9. The game was exciting, and the score was close all the way. We could not be sure of the winner until
  10. Your answer:
    there was a tie.
    the final whistle.
    we read the paper.
    both sides scored.

  11. The Venus flytrap is an insect plant. Its leaves are rosette-shaped, and each leaf of the rosette has a broad tip that is hinged in the middle. The surface of each leaf lobe has sensitive hairs. When an insect rests on either half of the hinged leaf, the hairs become irritated. This irritation causes the leaf to close, and the insect is
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  13. One of the players on the football team has a broken collarbone and will not be able to play again this year. The coach must find a new player for that
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  15. When Beth was a child, her father and brother met death by drowning; naturally, she has great fear of
  16. Your answer:

  17. Going by ship between North America and Europe is interesting, restful, and pleasant. Many persons prefer to go by ship rather than by plane. It takes about five days to cross the Atlantic Ocean by water, whereas the trip by air takes from four to seven hours. If you live in North America and have a two-week holiday that you want to take in Europe, you will have to
  18. Your answer:
    stay at home.
    take more time.
    go by ship.
    travel by plane.

  19. While her best friend watched, Gina rehearsed her magic tricks for the show. When Gina made a rose disappear, her friend said, "Fine, I didn't see anything wrong with that trick." Gina was happy, for she knew that if she could fool her friend, Gina could easily
  20. Your answer:
    fool the audience.
    continue rehearsing.
    detect mistakes.
    make a rabbit disappear.

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