Reading for Understanding Two #26B

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  1. Actions speak louder than words. Judge people not by what they say but by what they
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  3. Like most kinds of animal farming, the raising of milk-producing cattle has been greatly improved. The amount of milk obtained from a cow varies from a few liters a day to more than fifty liters a day. It is important for a dairy farmer to know what kinds of feed will make cows
  4. Your answer:
    suitable for the beef market.
    produce the most calves.
    produce the most milk.
    adjust to milking machines.

  5. When Haydn and his orchestra gave concerts for the prince and his guests, the prince often went to sleep while the musicians were playing. Haydn felt much offended and planned to play a joke on the prince. Haydn wrote the "Surprise Symphony." It started with gentle, slow-moving music. Then, suddenly, all the instruments--including the noisy brass instruments, the drums, and the cymbals--played loudly together with a big crash that woke the
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  7. Wild elephants have to do so much walking in their search for food that they keep the soles of their feet and their toenails worn down. Zoo elephants do so little walking that the keeper has to cut their toenails and smooth them with a
  8. Your answer:

  9. Ants that are particularly fond of protein will find, in some uncanny way, the tiniest piece of meat that is accidentally left on a table in the house. Ordinarily, these ants do not come into the house, but if we are careless about leaving meat scraps lying around, the ants will
  10. Your answer:
    ignore them.
    poison them.
    find them.
    fight them.

  11. A banana plant bears fruit only once. After it has produced its fruit, the stem of the plant dies. A new plant is grown by planting shoots produced by the roots of the old one. A new plant bears fruit in less than two years. There is no particular season for bananas; we can buy them in markets
  12. Your answer:
    any week of the year.
    by the kilogram.
    very cheaply.
    ripe or green.

  13. There are several types of human blood. The blood given in a transfusion must match the patient's blood. If the transfused blood is of a different type from the patient's blood type, blood clotting and death will result. The very life of a patient who is given a transfusion is dependent on the
  14. Your answer:
    surgigal skill of the doctor.
    anesthetic administered.
    type of transfused blood.
    amount of blood available.

  15. Many people turned out to see the parade for the space pilot. There would have been more people present if it had not been
  16. Your answer:
    good weather.

  17. Farmers were always good at fixing things. They made most of the repairs on their houses and on their cars. They saved money and enjoyed their work. Mechanical work was their
  18. Your answer:

  19. The sea otter is one of the few animals that knows how to get at the meat inside the spine-covered shells of sea urchins. An otter surfaces from a dive with a rock in one paw and an urchin in the other. The otter then floats on its back, places the rock on its stomach, and
  20. Your answer:
    smashes the urchin against the rock.
    plays with its new rock.
    rests from its long dive.
    sinks again to the bottom.

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