Reading for Understanding Two #26A

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  1. The plane skidded, flipped over, and caught fire without serious injury to any of its fifty
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  3. When travelling in the United States, keep in mind the many interesting places to visit in Arizona. One may see the Grand Canyon or the Colorado River in northern Arizona; the Painted Desert, which is full of strange and brilliant hues; and the Petrified Forest, the most famous forest in the United States. Arizona's dude ranches offer a touch of the Old West; its rodeos, fishing, riding, and many other sports provide ample entertainment. The state is a popular place for
  4. Your answer:

  5. The American Revolution in 1776 pointed the way towards liberty throughout the world. The Revolution's successful outcome encouraged other nations in their quest for
  6. Your answer:

  7. Because Switzerland is such a small and mountainous country, all its fertile land has to be planted to produce enough food for its population. Houses there are built several floors high to hold more families. In this way, more land is made available for
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  9. The marble contest had proceded amid wild shouting from the excited bystanders. Now Kenso's victory depended upon his next shot, and the tense crowd became quiet
  10. Your answer:
    when he began to aim.
    because they were bored.
    when the game was over.
    because Kenso was cheating.

  11. After an overnight stop, the stagecoach started on the second part its journey. The driver drove more slowly, for the road ahead was long and hard. The horses were fresh, and that early in the journey the driver did not want to
  12. Your answer:
    use them.
    feed them.
    tire them.
    leave them.

  13. Air is called compressed when a large amount of it is put into a small space. Compressed air is found in such things as
  14. Your answer:

  15. Not all materials that burn are good fuels because some materials do not produce much heat as they burn. Although paper is often used to start a fire, it is not a good fuel because it
  16. Your answer:
    is too scarce.
    is too expensive.
    does not give off enough heat.
    is too wet.

  17. Reading slowly cannot compensate for a poor vocabulary. No matter how slowly a passsage is read, if the meanings of the words are not understood, the meaning of the passage
  18. Your answer:
    is not important.
    will be missed.
    will be clear.
    can be comprehended.

  19. Denmark Vesey was born a slave, bought his freedom and became a wealthy carpenter and minister. The color of the skin does not affect the strength of
  20. Your answer:
    the teeth.
    the mind.
    the eyes.
    the blood.

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