Reading for Understand Two # 25B

Thelma Thurstone w/ permission from McGraw-Hill

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  1. It was so firmly embedded in the snow that first Effie could not budge it at all. After she cleared the snow away and pried hard with the stick that she was using as a lever, Effie felt it give a little. She bore down with all her might, throwing her weight again and again on the lever, and finally felt the big branch
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  3. There was once a poor tailor who killed seven flies with a single blow. He made himself a belt on which he printed in large letters "SEVEN AT A BLOW." Wherever he went, people reading these words greatly feared this tailor, for they thought that he had
  4. Your answer:
    made a very handsome belt.
    interesting stories to tell.
    killed seven persons with one blow.
    been a very fine tailor.

  5. If a grain sack that is loaded on the back of a llama should be too heavy, the llama will lie down and will not move until the load is taken off. The burdens that the llamas are to carry must be of the right
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  7. Ice hockey originated in Canada almost a hundred years ago. It is the national sport of Canada. Because of the long, cold winter in most of Canada, there is opportunity for many people to play hockey. It is not surprising that many of the professional hockey players in North American spent their childhood in
  8. Your answer:

  9. Although rags still make the best paper, most paper is made from wood. Thousands of acres of spruce and pine trees are used every year to make the enormous quantities of paper needed by the newspaper industry. If there were no control over the use of the forests, in just a few years most spruce and pine trees would be
  10. Your answer:
    used up.
    in great supply.
    government owned.

  11. If you should ever want to put a wire through a stick, here is how to start the job. Drive a nail through the stick, and then pull the nail out to leave
  12. Your answer:
    a hole for the wire.
    room for the stick.
    a piece of wire.
    an unbroken stick.

  13. The organization Cooperative for American Relief to Everywhere sends food and other gifts of practical value to needy persons all over the world. It is better known by the word its initials form:
  14. Your answer:
    Red Cross.

  15. On a trip in the jungle one must be sure to take along a large supply of food. In spite of the fact that the jungle is a tangled mass of trees and other plants, very few of these plants are
  16. Your answer:
    within reach.
    free from snakes.
    food producing.

  17. When water droplets, floating as a cloud, become so heavy that they can no longer float, they come down as
  18. Your answer:

  19. Turkeys are very difficult to raise. The farmer must be careful to see that the young turkeys do not get wet. If young turkeys are allowed to drag through wet grass, it is almost certain that they will
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