Reading for Understanding Two #24C

Thelma Thurstone with permission from McGraw-Hill Publishing Co.

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  1. Just after a serious aircraft accident, many persons cancel their flight reservations and travel by train or by car. On the other hand, the warnings of the Safety Council and its predictions of fatal accidents have little effect on people who have planned to go by car. On any holiday, the roads are
  2. Your answer:

  3. In early days, people carried on their backs the goods they were going to sell. They could not travel far this way. Later, they loaded their goods on animals and could go
  4. Your answer:
    to the Arctic.
    greater distances.
    across water.

  5. Every evening as I am studying my lessons, a plane goes directly over our house. It keeps to its schedule with great accuracy. When I hear it, I look at the clock; it is always
  6. Your answer:
    almost midnight.
    the same time.
    a little late.

  7. We wondered why so many of the churches in that country had carved roosters on their steeples. We still do not know because we did not find anyone who could
  8. Your answer:
    carve them.
    sell them.
    build one.
    tell us.

  9. Nature neglected to provide the fish with a neck, but the fish suffers no disadvantage. It is able to twist its entire body as quickly as most animals can turn
  10. Your answer:
    upside down.
    their fins.
    their feet.
    their heads.

  11. If farmers are ill in bed for just one day, they get behind in their work. To keep their farms operating on schedule, they must take care of their
  12. Your answer:

  13. My sister said that she was coming home from her holiday abroad by cruiseship. All of us planned to meet her when her boat
  14. Your answer:

  15. Dogs can hear sounds over a much longer distance than human beings can. Our dog often gets up and starts for the garage when none of us has heard
  16. Your answer:
    our parents' car coming.
    doorbell ringing.

  17. Although most lace today is made by machines, very fine lace is still made by hand. Making lace by hand is so hard on the eyes that in the days when all lace was made by hand, many lacemakers
  18. Your answer:
    were educated.
    became famous.
    were rich.
    suffered eye strain.

  19. The primary purpose of a grocery store may not be to serve the public. However, if it does not serve the public in a satisfactory manner, the store will probably
  20. Your answer:
    gain new customers.
    go out of business.
    find itself understocked.
    make a large profit.

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