Reading for Understanding Two #24B

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  1. A lion, finding a hare asleep, was about to devour it when a deer passed by. The lion left the hare and chased the deer, which was so swift that it escaped. When the lion returned to eat the hare, it found that the hare had been awakened by the noise and had escaped. This story was told to make the point that people often lose moderate gains by trying for
  2. Your answer:
    easier ones.
    great losses.
    sure profit.
    larger ones.

  3. Adobe houses are built of sun-dried clay bricks. The bricks will not wear well if they are wet much of the time or if they are frozen and thawed. Adobe houses are most suitable for
  4. Your answer:
    warm, damp climates.
    warm, dry climates.
    cold, damp climates.
    cold, dry climates.

  5. Earth is 150 million kilometers from the sun, and the planet Jupiter is 800 million kilometers from the sun. Jupiter is farther from Earth than Earth is from
  6. Your answer:
    the moon.
    the sun.

  7. All fruit comes from flowers. If an apple orchard has very few blossoms, the crop it bears will be
  8. Your answer:

  9. It is valuable to learn some first-aid methods. In case of a serious emergency, a doctor should be called; there are some accidents in which time is very important. In such cases, knowing what to do immediately may save a
  10. Your answer:
    doctor's bill.

  11. An expert typist can type more than 150 words a minute. This is at least three times as fast as an expert copyist can write. Typewritten material is easier to read. Many students find it helps in their work to own their own typewriters in order to hand in
  12. Your answer:
    neater papers.
    no mistakes.
    correct spelling.

  13. Jerry wanted to know what was causing the strange noises in the basement, but he sat frightened and still because he just did not have enough
  14. Your answer:
    time to go downstairs.
    fear of the dark.
    courage to investigate.
    interest in the noises.

  15. At one time, telephone numbers in some countries contained both letters and numbers. Most telephone companies have dropped letters and now use
  16. Your answer:
    new telephones.
    only numbers.
    more operators.
    only telephones.

  17. Today is Wednesday, and it is not a holiday. We do not understand why the children are not
  18. Your answer:
    in school.

  19. He was proud of his feat. He had just crossed the wide river. Suddenly, he realized that he was all alone in his victory. He did not know how far he had come from his starting point, or in what direction. He was
  20. Your answer:
    at home.

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