Reading for Understanding Two # 24A

Thelma Thurstone The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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  1. During the Middle Ages, people made and sold goods in their homes. Their homes were their
  2. Your answer:
    houses and cars.
    barns and stables.
    restaurants and hotels.
    factories and stores.

  3. The cat's paw was badly injured; because the animal kept it from becoming infected by licking it, the wound finally healed naturally. A cat is often its own
  4. Your answer:

  5. The shell of a clam has a ridge for each year that the clam has been alive. By counting the number of ridges on a clamshell, one can tell the
  6. Your answer:
    size of the clam.
    birthday of the clam.
    age of the clam.
    weight of the clam.

  7. Darlene gave me a subscription to one of my best-loved weekly magazines as a Christmas present. Every week when I open the magazine, I am reminded that she has given me a Christmas gift that
  8. Your answer:
    lasts all year.
    is easily forgotten.
    means work for me.
    I would not have bought.

  9. Elevators are generally found in buildings that have more than two or three floors. If elevators had not been invented, there would not be any
  10. Your answer:

  11. All the exhibitors appeared at the show ring early that morning. They all carefully groomed their horses, each confident that his or her entry would be
  12. Your answer:
    poorly trained.
    injured in the race.
    grand champion.

  13. Eric is holding his two toy animals so that they can see the TV screen. Eric is only
  14. Your answer:
    three years old.
    twelve years old.
    three months old.
    three weeks old.

  15. Some games may result in a tied score; this is not true of basketball. Basketball has rules that require overtime to make sure that one team always
  16. Your answer:

  17. Scouts are taught to build fires safely and to put them out completely. Scouts who observe these rules are not responsible for
  18. Your answer:
    good driving.
    their own cooking.
    destructive fires.

  19. The Contemporary Art Museum was inundated by a sudden flood. After the flood, paintings were recovered from the three-meter deep water inside
  20. Your answer:
    with submarines.
    by scuba divers.
    ahead of time.
    by using ladders.

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