Reading for Understanding Two #22C

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  1. The thermostat on an oven makes it possible to bake or roast foods at the correct
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  3. There are many kinds of wasps. Those that build their homes of mud are called mud wasps. The potter wasp builds a juglike nest of mud and twigs. Another kind of wasp builds its nest of chewed-up wood, which it makes into paper. It is called the
  4. Your answer:
    mud wasp.
    nesting wasp.
    paper wasp.
    potter wasp.

  5. A calculator is a machine for making arithmetic computations. It is possible to add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers in a few seconds on this machine. This machine has been as great a help to mathematicians as the typewriter has been to
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  7. The hippopotamus pulled its large body out of the sticky mud in which it had been lying. Such thick and solid legs you can scarcely imagine! As it walked along, pulling its feet out of the sticky mud, it made a noise like a
  8. Your answer:
    stopper being pulled out of a bathtub.
    motorcycle racing over hills.
    screen door slamming in the wind.
    dog barking at the moon on a clear night.

  9. A volcano is an opening in the earth, out of which steam or melted rock comes. The opening is often at the top of a mountain that has been formed by hardened rock. Some volcanoes erupt constantly; some erupt occasionally. Some have been quiet for so long that we say they are dead, but no one knows when a volcano may
  10. Your answer:
    become a mountain.
    erupt again.
    close at the top.

  11. In order to have good health, people must have safe drinking water. It is customary for cities and towns to treat their water with chlorine or to filter it, or even to do both, for these measures
  12. Your answer:
    purify water.
    soften the water.
    take iron from the water.
    improve the taste of water.

  13. I always buy more food than I really want when I eat in a cafeteria. There is such a wide choice of attractive food, and I am tempted because I am so
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  15. If you were to ask a hundred different employers to describe the ideal secretary, you would get a hundred different answers. This happens because the work in every office is
  16. Your answer:
    the same.

  17. Emperor Hirohito ruled Japan for 62 years, the longest reign in Japan's recorded history. He was an absolute ruler until Japan's defeat in World War II, but after that he became only a symbolic ruler with
  18. Your answer:
    a stronger voice.
    an expanded role.
    limited duties.
    more power.

  19. Peter and Paul are twins, but they do not look much alike. Peter is taller and heavier. It is not hard to
  20. Your answer:
    buy their clothes.
    tell which is older.
    tell them apart.
    know they are twins.

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