Reading for Understanding Two #22B

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  1. There was a great famine. The old people and the young children died, and only the strongest people of the tribe
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  3. Foxes, hawks, and other animals kill rabbits for food. The rabbit cannot fight; all it can do is run away as fast as possible. It is a good thing that rabbits
  4. Your answer:
    like to race.
    are small.
    have strong legs.
    can climb trees.

  5. The whole family drove to the lake. They expected traffic to be heavy, so they thought it would take about six hours to get there. Traffic was light, though, so they arrived
  6. Your answer:
    earlier than planned.
    too late.
    very tired.
    without accident.

  7. Polly always tried to do what she thought was right; when she made a serious error, she worked very hard to
  8. Your answer:
    make some more.
    feel sorry.
    correct it.
    blame her friend.

  9. People often give children coins to spend. When Jerome's grandmother gave him some paper money for Christmas, he thought he could buy everything because it was the most money he had ever
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  11. The cartoon showed a shivering man waiting at a bus stop in a snowstorm. He was saying, "Sure, I like all the seasons. In summer I like winter, and in winter I like
  12. Your answer:
    steam heat."
    good bus service."

  13. Johann Strauss's father was a musician, but he did not want any of his children to become musicians. Musicians were not well paid, and he was afraid that his children would be
  14. Your answer:

  15. Before people began to use number names such as "one" and "two," they used small objects such as pebbles for counters. Even today, some people keep count of their horses by putting stones in a bag--one stone for each
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  17. Ana made a perfect score on her math test. Her father was proud of her. He said that he had known she would do well because she always
  18. Your answer:
    talked in class.
    read books.
    played ball.
    did her homework.

  19. The elderly man who owned the pet shop did not like children to come in with their noise and muddy shoes. This was too bad, for children can be a pet shop's best
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