Reading for Understanding Two #20B

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  1. The tailorbird makes its nest by sewing leaves and grass together. It uses its bill for a needle and the grass for
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  3. There are hundreds of different kinds of cheese. All kinds of cheese are made from milk, but cow's milk is by far the most widely used. In some countries, cheese is made from the milk of camels, reindeer, sheep, goats, or buffaloes; but in the United States most cheese is made
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    for export.
    in fancy packages.
    in the winter.
    from cow's milk.

  5. Completely alone in the forest, Bobby knew no means to find his way in the darkness. He was able to take a quick look at his surroundings when the forest was illuminated by a
  6. Your answer:
    flash of lightning.
    light bulb.

  7. The Carolina parakeet, a bird with brilliant feathers, was at one time very common in the southern part of the United States. No Carolina parakeets have been seen since 1904. They were killed because they destroyed fruit crops and because of the demand for their very beautiful
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  9. Johnny Appleseed was a poor man who travelled on foot through many states in the midwestern U.S. more than a century ago, carrying a bag of apple seeds and planting them along the roads and streams. He wanted everyone to be able to see the beautiful apple blossoms and to eat the delicious fruit. This man's name was not really Johnny Appleseed; it was John Chapman. Few persons know his real name, but many know what he did from the name
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    John Chapman
    Appleblossom Johnny.
    Johnny Appleseed.
    Johnny Appleby.

  11. You cannot lose by subscribing to this magazine. The editors believe that you will consider it well worth the subscription cost. If you do not like it, they promise to return your
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  13. Since bananas have high nutritional value and can be served in varied and appetizing ways, they are eaten
  14. Your answer:
    if no other food is available.
    only when cooked.
    by many persons.
    only in hot countries.

  15. Children used to make their own kites, dolls, whistles, and many other toys that children today merely
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  17. Many birds build nests on tree limbs. Of the birds of North America, only the Baltimore oriole builds a nest that hangs down from the
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  19. In the old days many soldiers died because army hospitals were all far behind the front lines. Now,lives are saved because wounded soldiers receive medical treatment as soon as they are removed from the
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