Reading for Understanding Two #19C

Thelma Thurstone The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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  1. When walking through a zoo, one might see an antelope from Asia, a zebra from Africa, and then a panther from South America. In an hour's visit to the zoo, one can see animals
  2. Your answer:
    in completely natural surroundings.
    from all over the world.
    that can perform many clever tricks.
    that cannot be seen anywhere else.

  3. Not all citizens handle their voting responsibility as carefully as they should. Just going to the polls is not enough. It is more important for citizens to know
  4. Your answer:
    how to mark their ballot.
    who is going to win.
    what they are voting for.
    whether they may vote.

  5. In a recent heavy storm, several persons were injured when their car was blown off the road by the
  6. Your answer:

  7. While the Polo brothers were travelling through Persia, they were attacked by a large band of robbers. The robbers killed some of the members of the brothers' caravan and carried off others to sell as slaves. The Polo brothers were fortunate enough to
  8. Your answer:
    make fortunes.
    find water.

  9. Reusable bottles are usually cleaned by machines so that they are washed, boiled, and sterilized without contact with
  10. Your answer:

  11. My friend loved to sit outdoors and look at the starry sky. When it was too cold, he turned on the small electric lights on the dark blue ceiling of his study so that he would feel as though he were looking at
  12. Your answer:
    a starry sky.
    the ceiling.
    the Northern Lights.

  13. A plant cannot live without water. It will send its roots deep into the soil and so get water. When the roots of the plant are confined, as in a household flowerpot, water must be supplied to the plant or it will soon wither and
  14. Your answer:
    break the pot.
    become diseased.

  15. On the night before a day with no school, the children are allowed to stay up an hour later than their usual bedtime. This means that they can stay up on
  16. Your answer:
    Monday night.
    Thursday night.
    Wednesday night.
    Saturday night.

  17. All birds shed their feathers sometime during the year. Some birds shed many of their feathers at once, and some birds shed one feather at a time. Those that shed one feather at a time do not lose their ability to fly, but those birds that lose many of their wing feathers at once cannot fly until
  18. Your answer:
    they build new nests.
    their feathers are all shed.
    their new feathers appear.
    spring comes.

  19. Many water animals have no backbone. Among these are the shellfish, which live inside a shell. Since all true fish have a backbone, shellfish are not really
  20. Your answer:
    water animals.

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