Reading for Understanding #19A

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  1. Not long ago parents determined whether or not their children should go to school. Now, in many countries, laws require that all children receive a certain minimum of
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  3. In Kashmir many people live on houseboats, some large and some small. The rivers and lakes are lined with them. Many very attractive houseboats serve as hotels. They are more popular with tourists than are the regular
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  5. Four-year-old Leon planted a sweet potato in a flower pot. It grew to be a beautiful plant, and Leon took it to a garden club show. There he was very happy when his plant
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    lost a few leaves.
    won a prize.
    needed lots of water.
    was the smallest.

  7. Young raccoons are well protected from their natural enemies as long as they are close to their mother. She is a very strong defender. The female parent of the raccoon family takes full responsibility for protecting and raising the children without any help from the
  8. Your answer:
    male parent.

  9. For thousands of years people have searched for gold, fought for gold, and even died for gold. In 1849 this precious mineral was discovered in the United States in California. As soon as the news of the great discovery was heard, many people left their homes and travelled many miles to
  10. Your answer:
    visit relatives.
    scenes of their childhood.
    the North.

  11. This animal's mouth is disproportionately large in comparison with its narrow throat. When it fills its mouth with food, it must chew for a very long time before it can
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  13. The hungry cougar steals silently through the forest in its quest for
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  15. We keep our silverware in a drawer in the kitchen, but our sharp knives are kept in a knife-holder hanging on the kitchen wall. When we need to get any silverware out of the drawer, we do not have to be afraid of
  16. Your answer:
    sharpening knives.
    getting burned.
    getting cut.
    losing knives.

  17. Chalk is ground white rock. This white rock was formed millions of years ago at the bottom of the sea from the shells of tiny animals. Later, the bottom of the sea became dry land, and large quantities of white rock were exposed. Chalk is used for many things, but we ordinarily think of it as a crayon for writing on a chalkboard. It is interesting to think as we write with chalk on a chalkboard that we are writing with what existed millions of years ago as
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  19. Babies do not know that the body they see in the mirror is a reflection of themselves. They think it is
  20. Your answer:
    two children.
    another child.
    their father.
    their mother.

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