Reading for Understanding Two #18C

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  1. Some persons who wear glasses have to wear them all the time. They put them on the first thing in the morning and take them off the last thing at night. Other persons see all right at a distance and wear glasses only for close work such as reading or sewing. They put their glasses on and take them off
  2. Your answer:
    once a day.
    many times a day.
    when it is dark.
    every night.

  3. Great wealth in the form of gold, silver, and jewels has gone down with ships in numerous disasters. Treasures lie at the bottom of almost every major body of water in the world. It is not surprising that divers spend a great deal of time and money looking for
  4. Your answer:
    sunken treasure.
    new oceans.
    treasure islands.
    scientific data.

  5. Cats are natural enemies of birds. Some families that have cats as pets but who still wish to attract birds put tiny bells on their cats. They do this to
  6. Your answer:
    warn birds that cats are near.
    protect the cats.
    decorate the cats.
    entertain the families.

  7. Vitamin preparations for persons who do not have an adequate diet or who need additional vitamins are available today. Physicians sometimes recommend additional vitamins for persons who do not get enough vitamins from their
  8. Your answer:

  9. Although ice cream is a cold dessert,it is enjoyed all year round. It is more popular, however,
  10. Your answer:
    with chocolate.
    in the summer
    in the winter.
    in cones.

  11. The painters' scaffolding hanging from the windowsill does not look very safe to me, but they use it regularly and are seldom
  12. Your answer:

  13. The higher a light is from the ground, the farther its beams can be seen. Searchlights and beacons are always placed on high buildings or on
  14. Your answer:

  15. Mr Pruitt was blind, but he liked going to baseball games. He could listen to the game on his radio headset and still enjoy being
  16. Your answer:
    part of the crowd.
    dependent on others.
    the center of attention.

  17. Many thousands of years ago, people gathered wild growing plants for food and hunted wild animals to provide meat to eat and skins for clothing. Later, they learned to tame and raise animals for food and clothing and also to grow certain plants. This allowed people to stay in one place. They did not have to move round
  18. Your answer:
    after losing a war.
    to make their tools.
    to capture new tribes.
    in search of food.

  19. The park was filled with cannons, markers, and statues of soldiers in memory of a famous
  20. Your answer:

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