Reading for Understanding Two #18A

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  1. When you leave a house unoccupied for several months, you should put all matches in a closed metal or glass container. Then you will not have to fear that mice will get into the house, gnaw the matches, and
  2. Your answer:
    spring the traps.
    start a fire.
    gnaw wastepaper.
    get into food.

  3. If you wear glasses, you should always keep them in their protective case when you do not have them on. Then you can be sure that they will not be
  4. Your answer:
    worn out.

  5. Pepper was a valuable commodity in ancient Rome. When Alaric the Visigoth conquered Rome in A.D.410, part of the ransom carried away from the city was a ton and a half of
  6. Your answer:

  7. Swimming in the ocean was fun even though the water was cold. When I came out of the water, however, I was grateful for the
  8. Your answer:
    sandy beach.
    beach umbrella.
    cold drink.
    warm sun.

  9. Modern lighting is so good that we almost turn night into day. Brightly lit factories run all night; city streets are bright; and many games are
  10. Your answer:
    won by the visiting team.
    watched by large crowds.
    broadcast on TV.
    played under lights.

  11. Although we say a glass is empty when it contains nothing that we can see, the glass is actually full of air. When water is poured into a glass, the air goes out as the
  12. Your answer:
    glass is emptied.
    glass is broken.
    water is used.
    water goes in.

  13. The Tournament of Roses Parade is held yearly in the United States in California. The name is well chosen since prizes are awarded to the most beautiful of the many
  14. Your answer:
    refreshment stands.
    marching bands.
    brilliant costumes.
    flower-covered floats.

  15. Many wild animals are dangerous. Those in our zoos and circuses often have to be kept in heavy cages or in special areas. The young of these animals are playful and make good pets; but when they grow up, they become
  16. Your answer:

  17. We have an electric clock in our kitchen. Sometimes when there is a storm, the electric current is cut off in the house, and we cannot tell what
  18. Your answer:
    the temperature is.
    time it is.
    causes it.
    to eat.

  19. The mail is late today. It is the time of the month when most of the bills are mailed. Because there are more letters than usual, the mail is a little
  20. Your answer:

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